EverWebinar Review: Is It Worth It

EverWebinar Review: Is It Worth It
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Webinars have proven themselves to be one of the most valuable marketing tools we have, and EverWebinar ranks consistently at the top.

This popular webinar platform lets you do it all from recording webinars to accessing advanced analytics, being a one-stop webinar shop.

Is EverWebinar worth it? EverWebinar is one of the most popular webinar platforms available and lets you create, publish, and analyze evergreen and pre-recorded webinars.

The paid version of the software gives you access to a range of tools to ensure you get the most out of your webinars, so it’s worth giving it a look.

If you’re in the market for a new webinar platform and have had your eye on this one, our EverWebinar review will help.

We deep dive into its top features, downsides, and how it compares against the other major players in the webinar market today.

EverWebinar’s Top Features

EverWebinar’s Top Features

EverWebinar is an automated webinar hosting platform that’s focused on pre-recorded content, and not live streams.

The platform offers a number of features that can help you create quality webinars for your brand:

Flexible scheduling

Your webinars can be scheduled for any time or date you choose with EverWebinar.

You can even take it a step further and set up recurring events, or have them displayed to suit your audience’s differing time zones.

Dynamic attendees

The Dynamic Attendee function can be used to simulate the usual attendance rate and behaviors of a live-streamed webinar, thanks to AI.

By having others in the room with them that they can see, your real attendees will be more likely to engage and continue watching.

Chat rooms

You can boost engagement throughout the presentation by having a chat room online. Any questions directed towards you will be emailed to you so that you can answer immediately and give a more personalized feel to the webinar.

The Live Chat function lets you roll a real-life chat room that had previously happened during a live stream of the webinar for a more realistic feel.

Analytics and stats

Follow up each webinar with detailed analytics about how it went, including attendee numbers, engagement levels, and click-throughs.

This insight will help you prepare and plan webinars in the future that are guaranteed to have a better response from the audience.

SMS and email marketing

The ability to send out emails and SMS from EverWebinar to those who have registered for your upcoming events.

Rather than having a separate management system that does this, it can be easily automated on this platform.

Software integration

There are many third-party apps and programs that can be integrated with EverWebinar to make your marketing run more seamlessly.

The best way to integrate these programs is using CRMs and autoresponders so that it’s even more automated. 

Customer support

EverWebinar offers several methods if you need support, including a moderated Facebook page, FAQs, helpdesk tickets, or direct contact with the support team.

They’re on hand to answer any questions and have a fast response time for urgent matters.

Pricing and Plans

Pricing and Plans

A good webinar platform is one that fits into your budget, and thankfully, EverWebinar has a few options for paid plans that you can subscribe to.

Rather than offering different features in each of the plan levels, it’s about how long you sign up for and what savings you can make.

These are the current plans EverWebinar offers:

  • Monthly: If you’re not ready to commit, you might prefer to sign up on a monthly basis with EverWebinar. The cost for their monthly plan is $99 a month and it’s billed monthly, so it can add up to quite a bit of the year.
  • Annual: Paying annual can reduce the monthly costs by 58%, so it’s a better fit for businesses that know they’ll be using EverWebinar regularly. This plan is billed once a year and works out to a rate of $48 a month so it’s a lot less than the first option.
  • Biennial: For customers who have been using EverWebinar regularly and are certain it’s the platform they prefer, you can make even more savings with their biennial plan. This plan covers you for two years of EverWebinar and it’s a cost-effective option that works out to just $34 a month. However, you pay the fees upfront every two years to unlock these savings.

Free Trial vs Paid Version


As you’re looking through the plans on the EverWebinar site, you’ll be prompted to take them up on their free trial.

Although not technically free as it comes with a price tag of $1, it does give you access to the platform and its features for a full 14 days as you figure out if it’s right for you.

The free trial version lets you utilize the platform in its entirety but given how long it takes to prepare and analyze just one recorded webinar, it’s not likely to be enough.

However, they do offer a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee that gives you another layer of protection and ensures you get the full experience of EverWebinar with the safety of being able to pull out in the first month.

How to Make a Webinar Using EverWebinar

How to Make a Webinar Using EverWebinar

EverWebinar prides itself on making it easy for its customers to create a webinar on its platform.

To see how simple it is to do this for yourself, we’ve made a walkthrough of the steps you’ll take when making your first EverWebinar presentation.

  1. Choose the source of your webinar, either one you’ve previously presented or a new external video file that you created.
  2. Using the Basic Settings, input the relevant information for your webinar. This will include things like the name of the webinar, the language for the registration fields, and the description that registrants will see.
  3. Select if it will be on-demand, which means it’s displayed in the EverWebinar on demand portal.
  4. Insert the webinar presenter’s details including name, email address, and whether they are a moderator or presenter.
  5. Set the Webinar Schedules by deciding when the webinar will play, including the time and date. You can also choose options like allowing instant watch replay, allowing late attendance, and blocking short term registrations.
  6. Design the registration page where people will sign up for your webinar. You can use a pre-existing template or your own design. Select the registration form fields, enable or disable split testing, and whether it will be a paid or free webinar.
  7. Customize the notifications for the event including reminder notifications and post-webinar notifications. In this section, you’ll be able to add any third-party integrations like email autoresponders, if you wish to use them.
  8. Set up a thank you page to be displayed a the end of the webinar and write messaging and include a short survey if needed.
  9. Change the settings for the live room, including whether you want attendees shown, if live chat has been enabled, and if you want to display stick messages.
  10. Get the registration links once it’s all set up and share them on social media, newsletters, email campaigns, and more.

Potential Downsides of EverWebinar

Potential Downsides of EverWebinar

EverWebinar is a powerful platform for pre-recorded webinars, but it does come with some downsides.

Before you sign up for it, consider these negatives that might not make EverWebinar suitable for your needs.

  • No live webinars: If you want to host live webinars, you’ll need to use the WebinarJam platform, as this one is solely dedicated to evergreen content. Some people use both but it can be costly to do so.
  • Email reminders cost extra: To send email reminders to your leads, you have to pay extra for the service. Otherwise, you can send them manually or connect a third-party integration to do it.
  • Minimal templates: Customers noted a lack of templates for the landing pages, so if you’re trying to match them to your brand it can be hard to do.
EverWebinar vs Other Popular Platforms

With such a large number of webinar platforms to choose from, it can get overwhelming knowing how they stack up.

Here’s some basic information on how EverWebinar compares against the top contenders.

  • EverWebinar vs Stealth Seminar: Stealth Seminar is seen as a premium one-stop shop that does both live and pre-recorded webinars, but with a much higher cost than EverWebinar.
  • EverWebinar vs Easy Webinar: A basic webinar platform for live and recorded presentations, however lacking in customization and advanced marketing tools.
  • EverWebinar vs Webinar Jam: As the sister product of EverWebinar, Webinar Jam is the live webinar version, with many people using both options as their marketing tools.

Webinar Freedom With EverWebinar

EverWebinar has cemented itself as a leader in the webinar platform world, and with good reason.

As you can see from our review, they offer modern and flexible approaches to creating, marketing, publishing, and analyzing these web-based presentations, so they’re worth considering in your search for a new webinar platform.

A webinar platform is a smart investment for businesses that want to utilize this marketing tool.

Before you can jump in and start creating your own web-based seminars, there are some things you need to know, so read on for a few FAQs that’ll give you a push in the right direction.

Does a Webinar Have to be Live?

Webinars can either be pre-recorded or live, depending on their purpose and the goal you wish to achieve. If your aim is to garner a one-time result or is on a time-sensitive subject, a live webinar is best.

However, for evergreen content or something that can be created before a scheduled event without becoming dated, a pre-recorded webinar is ideal.

Do I Need to Be On Camera for a Webinar?

Do I Need to Be On Camera for a Webinar?

Although it’s not a requirement to be on camera when hosting a webinar, it is recommended.

Displaying just visual content to your audience without showing yourself can make it feel less personalized and not as engaging, so it’s worth being on camera, if only for a short amount of time.

Are Attendees Visible in a Webinar?

A webinar is an online presentation where only the presenter is visible to the audience, but the audience engages in other ways like polls and chat.

An online presentation where everyone can see each other’s video stream would likely be classed as a video call or video meeting.

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