9 of the Best Free Webinars Online Today

Best Free Webinars Online
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The classroom of today looks nothing like it did a century, or even a decade, ago, and for many people, they get the bulk of their new knowledge online.

A webinar is an amazing e-learning tool that you can use to learn just about anything, and directly from an expert, with loads of great resources out there that let you watch them for nothing.

Are all webinars free?

There are lots of free webinars spanning every subject, but in some cases, the host of a webinar might want to charge for this type of educational tool. Depending on the organizer, content, and production values, a webinar might cost nothing or come with a registration fee.

With so many webinars out there, it’s hard to distinguish between the good and the bad, especially when you’re hoping to watch one for free.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the better-quality webinar content out there and free providers, so you don’t have to waste your time on the mundane anymore.

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the best free webinars online, we got you covered:

free webinars

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The Best Free Webinars To Watch

There are thousands of webinars being streamed at any given moment across the world, but not all of them are worth your time.

If you’re interested in top-quality content, we’ve picked a select bunch of webinar producers that always come up with the goods.

#1: Hubspot


Hubspot is one of the biggest software companies in the US and they don’t just provide a range of solutions for businesses, but lots of usable content as well. On their company website, they have a section dedicated to free webinars, and many of them can be applied to your business as well.

Within the Hubspot selection of webinars, you’ll find topics like Everyday Instagram Hacks For Any Business in 2021, 4 Essential Microsoft Excel Skills Every Marketer Should Learn, and How Your Startup Can Win at SEO. Although some are targeted at using the Hubspot software, there are still loads of independent videos that you can apply without it.

If you’re looking for more business-friendly webinars or want to learn about presentation skills, they’re the way to go. Hubspot is a popular platform for creating webinars as well, so they have a lot of content specifically on this topic that you’ll be able to pull from to create something great.

#2: GoToStage


GoToStage is part of the GoTo brand, and it’s one of the most comprehensive webinar platforms on the planet. GoToWebinar is their webinar service and a paid software that enables you to create your own content which is then shared by GoToStage’s 60 million viewers.

What makes this such a great free service is the sheer variety of topics covered, so it’s not all about marketing and sales. As soon as you jump on their main page, you see free webinars categorized into areas like Education, Healthcare, Software, Business, and Most Popular. All you have to do is click on the one you like, and you’ll get to access the recorded version.

Using GoToStage, you can also register for upcoming events so you don’t miss out on the live experience. This is the perfect pick for people wanting to learn more about what a successful webinar looks like and also hoping to expand their general knowledge, with loads of content that you can easily get lost amongst.

#3: YouTube

youtube webinar

YouTube is the home of free video content, so it’s no surprise that they have a great collection of webinars to watch as well. The best thing about watching with YouTube is that you get a varied selection of presenters, topics, and quality, so it never gets dull.

Within YouTube’s selection of recorded webinars are topics like sound mixing, motivational psychology, public speaking, real estate investing, and more. As a webinar creator yourself, there’s also the chance to upload your own videos or even start a YouTube channel where all of your content can go. This can be an integral part of content marketing, provided you can provide quality.

To ensure you’re watching one of the better-rated webinars, you can sort by popularity, or check out some playlists that others have created. That’s not to say only the top-rated webinars are worth watching though, as every creator had to start somewhere, so don’t be afraid to experiment with some of the lesser-known webinar hosts if you have the time.

#4: EventBrite


EventBrite is an event management and ticket sales website, but contrary to popular belief, not all of the events that they manage cost money. Webinars make up a huge part of their online bookings and you have the opportunity to register for a real-time webinar just by signing up and getting a ticket on their site.

The listings on EventBrite change all the time as new webinars are added, and you can also watch back some of their previous events, provided they were recorded. The topics are predominantly to do with business, but you might sometimes catch other webinars like health and wellbeing, education, and psychology.

Among EventBrite’s webinar listings, you’ll also get lots of options for paid events. If you decide you like a speaker or are interested in one of the upcoming topics, it’s an easy way to access good quality webinars from expert speakers, and you’ll have a one-stop hub where you can view them all.

#5: Limestone Learning

Limestone Learning

Limestone Learning is a learning and training provider located in the US, and although you have to pay for their services, they do have some great free resources available, including a host of webinars. The purpose of this company is to teach, and they make it easy with their webinars, and there’s no shortage of topics you can enjoy.

Unlike other learning agencies and their webinars, Limestone Learning tries to be diverse in the topics they make. You’ll be able to get quickly learn the skills to create a video for your website, get the basics of project management, or watch something more in-depth like a webinar on how to reduce disengagement with your audience by using gamification.

Many of the topics that Limestone Learning covers in their webinars can be put to use in presentations that you host. If you’re an absolute beginner and want to develop some tools to create engaging and worthwhile content for your webinar, Limestone Learning has the free resources to help you do it.

#6: eLearning Brothers

elearning brothers

This learning hub provides an updated list of free webinars that and online events that you can access whenever you want, as well as registrations for real-time presentations to join. eLearning Brothers creates corporate learning technology including virtual reality, software programs, and gaming and arcades, so they know how to do things outside of the box.

If you want to get a unique perspective into eLearning, they have loads of webinars available for free on their website. Some recent topics include How to Improve Company Culture With Your Training Program and 10 Ways to Make Your Virtual Meeting More Grand Slam and Less Slow Jam.

The team at eLearning Brothers are experts in the field so the content they deliver is always high quality and easy to apply to any business, so it’s worth checking out today.

#7: Adobe

Adobe webinars

Adobe is one of the most used software platforms across the globe, so it’s good to see that they also have a load of free business resources available for everyday people to learn from. Webinars are one of their biggest content sources and if you own any type of business, you’re bound to find something there that will excite you.

The list of webinars offered by Adobe is all on-demand, so there’s no option to sign up for the live event, which is kind of disappointing. However, the content they do provide is insightful and invaluable, and incorporates their software into teachings as well as talking about topics that leave it out entirely.

If you’re looking for business-related webinars, Adobe has more variety than most, so it’s not a lot of the same old topics rehashed and repackaged. You’ll be able to find talks about using creativity to drive results, how to build intelligent workspaces, digital strategy, and tips you can really use to do better.

#8: Ebiquity


Ebiquity is a UK-based marketing and media consultancy, and among their clients are heavy hitters like L’Oreal, Jaguar Range Rover, and Sony just to name a few. To help out their fellow marketing professionals, they’ve developed a series of webinars that businesses can use themselves, giving expert advice and insights that are invaluable.

One of the best things about Ebiquity’s webinar offerings is that they’re all clearly laid out, including running time, presenters, and their credentials. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting into and if you spot someone you’re interested in learning more from, you can keep up with their presentations regularly.

Some of the more recent webinars that Ebiquity has shared include How Retailers Can Return to Profitability Post Pandemic, Media Looking Forward, and COVID-19: The Impact on Content Creation. Everything is fresh and nothing is rehashed, so if you’re looking for modern content on media and marketing, Ebiquitiy is the way to go.

#9:  Score

webinars on score.org

Score is a national network of business mentors, all operating as volunteers, with a dedication to helping small business owners succeed. On their website, you’ll get access to a number of webinars that their experts have created that can help you do just that, without ever having to leave your desk.

Score also offers live webinars, but you need to be signed up to register and will need to get there in time. They also regularly use these webinars as Q&A sessions to allow people to ask specific questions about schemes and grants that they can use to get their business off the ground.

Otherwise, you can catch the recorded version when it’s uploaded to their page, which is usually pretty quickly. Among some of the topics covered in the past are Sell Online With E-Commerce Tools, Generational Marketing, and From Veteran to Entrepreneur. As an added bonus, many of their webinars come in Espanol and English so they reach a larger audience.

Watch and Learn for Free

As one of the most valuable e-learning tools we have access to, it’s even better to find a free webinar out there that can teach you something.

Whether you want to learn more about what makes a good webinar or just have a thirst for knowledge, check out the resources we’ve found for some of the best free webinars out there.

A webinar is a great way to absorb knowledge and get a more personal learning experience, and it’s even better when it’s free.

If you’re still in the dark about what webinars are all about, have no fear, as we’ve answered some simple FAQs that can give you a basic understanding.

How Do I Host a Free Webinar?

There are lots of options for webinar hosting platforms out there that allow you to host a virtual event with free registration.

Many of these platforms come with a free plan option that has some restrictions on participant size and capabilities, but if you want to create a free webinar and not have to pay anything yourself, it’s a possibility.

How Do I Join a Free Webinar?

A webinar will come with a registration page that you’ll need to fill out before you can be invited to attend the virtual event.

These forms request information like name and email address, and once filled in, you’ll receive the link to the meeting and sometimes a reminder to attend when it’s getting closer.

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