Here’s My Story

Thomas Conner

I am Thomas Connor, and I am from Philadelphia.

For more than a decade, I have worked as a PR and Intra-organization communication expert in the IT industry.

Among other things, my role was to ensure seamless communication between our headquarters and other remote locations.

Therefore, setting up webinars and other virtual meetings has been common even before the work-from-home culture took us to our home workstations.

I have come across some of the most popular webinar and meeting software globally during my career.

More importantly, I had to test all these webinar software solutions to decide which one is the best.

Now that I am taking a break from the position, I think my expertise with webinar software can help many of you. At least, it was the idea I had in mind while starting in the first place.

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic is almost over, many of you may have plans for a hybrid working culture. And good webinar software is an essential thing.

But how do you choose a webinar software that does not let you down? How do you understand if the software solution has all the features you need?

Or, how do you ensure that you can intuitively use the webinar software dashboard?

I can help with these queries by thoroughly testing the popular and not-so-popular webinar software in the industry and coming up with hands-on and in-detail reviews.

It could be one of the many things you can find on

Nevertheless, I do not want to limit to reviews. Instead, we will cover anything and everything that might help you set up webinars and manage them with ease.

For instance, I can write about some of the best tips to help you conduct the best webinar. There would also be some hands-on guides to help you manage webinars and meetings with ease.

Most importantly, though, our reviews will ensure that you select the best tool for your organization, startup, or entrepreneurial venture.

Last but not least, we have also brought the help of some veteran professionals to write on this blog.

These people have, like me, worked in the tech and communication sector for a long while. And you can count on their words when you want the best advice for online communication.