Discord vs Skype: Which Is Better at VoIP?

Discord vs Skype
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In a world where hardly anyone uses a landline to talk anymore, the need for a reliable VoIP provider becomes even more apparent.

Two of the biggest names in online communications are Skype and Discord, and although they’re both popular options for VoIP, they also bring a lot of other stuff to the table.

Which is better, Skype or Discord?

Skype and Discord are both commonly VoIP services with other communication features available, with Skype being better suited to business needs and Discord having a large gamer market. However, you might find either of them to be a better fit for the communications requirements your business has, so they both have to be measured independently.

To settle the Discord vs Skype battle once and for all, we’ve compiled a detailed comparison of the two.

You’ll find out how they’re similar, the important areas they differ in, and ultimately come up with which one is going to serve your business and communication needs best.

What Is Discord?

discord logo

Discord came to prominence as a gaming communications platform, but in recent times, it’s grown to become a useful business tool as well.

With Discord, you can engage in VoIP calls, text chat, voice calls, and video calls, and send and share files with other users.

With options for all types of communication, Discord works best for people looking to manage all of their team’s in-house communications in one place, or just as somewhere to hang out and talk to friends.

The platform operates on different servers that act as chat rooms, and users can take part in or create up to 100 different servers when they join Discord.

What Is Skype?

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Skype is a communications platform most famously known for its video chat functions.

As well as the regular Skype, they also offer Skype for Business, with added functionality like Meeting Broadcast that lets you host webinars and virtual events for people outside of your company, and the opportunity to record video to watch back later.

Microsoft announced that Skype for Business would no longer be functioning from July 31, 2021, with the software company urging users to switch to Microsoft Teams instead.

However, if you don’t want to make the change, you can still use the standard Skype software but it’s missing some of the functionality that the Business model used to provide.

Their Similarities

Discord and Skype are two popular choices of telecommunications providers for business and personal users, and at first glance, it might be hard to see how they differ.

These are just some of the common similarities they share that have earned them their solid reputations.

Communication options

If you want a fully-fledged telecommunications service, Discord and Skype can deliver on most fronts.

Using these platforms, you’ll have access to VoIP, text messaging, audio chat, video chat, file sharing, screen sharing, and group communications.

Although the customization and capability of them differ, they still offer all of the basic modes of modern communication for business and personal users.

Ease of use

discord application

User-friendliness factored high for both Skype and Discord, and even if you’ve never used this type of telecommunications platform before, we think you’ll agree.

Whether it’s the mobile app or the desktop version, everything is laid out simply and it’s easy to connect with others.

Discord does have more of a learning curve as you have to master the different servers and rooms, but once you get a handle on it, you’ll likely prefer this layout.


Both platforms have received their fair share of criticism in the past for a lack of security measures in place, and they’ve both attempted to improve.

In terms of overall security, Skype and Discord are fairly even with features like hidden IP addresses for users, and you can rely on them to create a secure place to share files, communicate with others, and engage in payments and financial transactions.

Screen sharing

The option to share your screen in real-time with those you’re chatting to is possible with Discord and Skype, even if Discord does it a little better.

This can be a helpful tool to have during business meetings, training, and virtual seminars and webinars, so it’s good to know that both offer it.

When you compare the two, Skype makes it easier to share a screen mid-way through an audio or video call, but Discord gives you more chances to customize it, like only sharing a part of your screen with others.

Free plans

If you don’t want to spend a thing on business communications, Skype and Discord have free plans available.

You can still enjoy free calls, audio chat, and video chat using these platforms, and connect with others that are doing the same, without having to allocate any of your business budget to it.

Of course, there are limitations with their free plans, but Discord is the one that offers the most for its free users.

Skype and Discord also offer paid plans that give users a little more than their free version.

The paid plan on Discord is called Nitro, and it can be applied to each server you chat on with bonuses like better screen sharing quality and more uploads.

With Skype, paying for a plan gives you access to features like SMS and international calling. Skype Business plans also come in tiers depending on how many users you want to connect with during video calls and webinars.

Their Differences

skype installation

When it comes to Skype and Discord, their differences are far greater than their similarities.

By seeing what each of these communications platforms can offer your business, you’ll know which is going to be the perfect fit.

Bandwidth efficiency

If you’re looking for a telecommunications platform that uses minimal bandwidth, Discord is the way to go. Their low bandwidth requirements make them a standout in this area, and unfortunately, Skype can’t match up to them.

Not only will you need to download software to chat, but you’ll also be using bandwidth just to have the program open, and it’ll be chewing your data even when you’re not making calls.


Discord wins this battle as they’re far easier to access for users, thanks to their browser-based channels. If you want to invite someone to chat, you can send them a link to follow, and they will join you on the server without having to download anything.

For Skype, all participants and viewers will need the Skype server, which comes with its concerns for users in regards to download data and security. Both offer a mobile app that has good functionality though, so they both earn points here for accessibility.

Meeting room limits


The standard Skype software allows users to create a video chat with up to 25 users, and their Business model up to 250 users in a single room.

However, Discord only allows 10 users to have a video chat together, or up to 5,000 people participating in an audio call together. Discord seems better suited to inter-office communication whereas Skype is better at hosting meetings for external participants as well.


As well as having different room capacities, you’ll also miss out on features like webinars or viewing only video streams when you use Discord.

However, Skype’s Meeting Broadcast product means you can stream a webinar to up to 10,000 participants with view-only capabilities.

There is the option to integrate with GoToWebinar when you’re using Discord and want to host a webinar, but if you prefer a simpler approach, you can do it all from one place with Skype for Business and it’s got all the features built-in and ready to go.

Video recording

call recording

If you plan on recording video calls or webinars, you won’t find it easy to do on Discord, so Skype might be your preferred option here. To record something on this platform, you need a third-party service to do so, as it’s not an inbuilt function that they offer.

When using Skype, video chat and webinars can be recorded by changing the settings, and these can then be saved locally to be used later however you wish. This is true for both Skype and Skype for Business, and it’s a free feature you can make use of.


There is a noticeable difference in the type of platforms and services that Discord and Skype partner with, and you’ll probably find your perfect fit just by seeing what they’re capable of here.

Skype leans towards more of the business-related integrations like the Microsoft suite, whereas Discord has partnered more commonly with social media giants like Facebook and Steam.

Think about what other products you’ll be using in conjunction with your telecommunications and you’ll find a better fit.

Which One Is Best For Your Business?

To establish which is the better fit out of Skype and Discord, you’d have to consider how you plan on using the communication platform.

As each of them seems to have their strong points and areas they’re lacking in, it will depend on what you hope to get out of this type of software.

Ultimately, Skype’s replacement Microsoft Teams is better for businesses that want to utilize video chat, webinars, and larger meeting rooms where everyone can come together, as it appears the standard Skype program just won’t cut it.

The downside is that’s it lacking in a fully functioning team text chat option, so would be used primarily for its video and audio features.

Discord is seen as the superior choice for text chat and it’s good for group meetings within the company, thanks to features like centralized billing and data retention.

However, it’s got limits on how many people can join a video chat and isn’t built for creating other forms of content like webinars, so it may fall short for some here.

The Perfect VoIP Platform

differences vs similarities

Discord and Skype both bring a lot to the table as VoIP providers, as does Microsoft Teams, but what they offer is quite different from the other.

If your business requires a comprehensive text chat and VoIP services, as well as the ability to make video calls and host webinars, investing in both platforms could serve you on every front.

The modern business needs a suite of communication tools up its sleeve to be able to interact with its customers and clients.

Discord and Skype are just two of the popular choices out there to help you reach the world, and if you want to learn more about them, we’ve answered some FAQs that can do just that.

Is Skype Going Away?

Microsoft has announced that Skype for Business will be ending on 31st July, 2021, but they will still offer their standard Skype software for personal users and smaller businesses.

Microsoft Teams has been designated as the replacement platform for Skype Business, with business accounts being urged to make the transition to this new model.

How Do I Host a Webinar on Discord?

There is no function currently available on Discord that allows you to host webinars, but you can integrate with the GoToWebinar software to perform the function from there.

For a webinar-specific product, there are options that let you host using just one software platform, which may be easier for businesses to manage.

Is Discord Nitro A Waste of Money?

Discord’s paid subscription plan Nitro can be a valuable investment for some business users and those using the platform for streaming, but probably isn’t necessary for everyone.

With Nitro, you get better resolution screen sharing and increased upload limit, among other cosmetic perks, so it might be a better fit for your requirements.


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