How to Uninstall Skype for Business

Uninstall Skype for Business
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Skype is a useful video conferencing and communication tool that many business and personal users have utilized over the years.

Now a part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite though, some people find it hard to uninstall the program when it’s no longer needed but come across a common issue.

How do you uninstall Skype for Business from your computer?

If your device has the Skype program as a standalone product, it can be uninstalled from the control panel. However, if it’s part of the Microsoft Office suite, there’s no way to uninstall it as it’s part of a package, so you may need to use other methods to hide it or disable its use.

This simple guide can walk you through the uninstallation process for Skype for Business, and what to do if it’s installed on your device without the possibility of removal.

With these walkthroughs, you’ll get rid of the program and make space for whatever video conferencing software you prefer.

Why Uninstall Skype For Business?

why uninstall skype

Skype for Business can be a valuable tool for some, but it has caused issues in the past that make it a hindrance as well.

These are just a few reasons why you might be searching for ways to get the program uninstalled fast:

  • You’re using another web conferencing platform and want to get rid of Skype.
  • The program launches automatically when the computer starts up and it’s annoying you.
  • Skype for Business uses up too much of your computer’s RAM on its own and by accessing other services.
  • The platform has a lack of security when compared to other video chat options out there.
  • There’s a reduced quality in audio and video chat for larger meetings and webinars.

How to Uninstall Skype

uninstall skype

The best way to uninstall Skype for Business depends on how it got there in the first place.

For users with the Microsoft Office suite, you’ll be saddened to learn there’s no way to remove just this client without deleting the rest of the 365 offerings, so it’s not possible to get rid of it entirely.

However, if you downloaded Skype as a standalone platform though, it can be removed just as easily as any other program on your computer. These are the simple steps to take to get rid of Skype for Business once and for all:

  1. Open Skype on your computer and click on Delete my Sign in Info on the main sign in screen. Doing this deletes the user information cache and also disables auto-sign in.
  2. Close the program and open the Control Panel of your computer.
  3. Find the Skype for Business program and click on Uninstall. Allow the computer to run through the process.
  4. Check to make sure Skype for Business has been removed and do a quick restart of your device to confirm.

Disabling Skype From Your Computer

how to disable skype

If you have the Microsoft Office 365 suite which includes Skype for Business as part of its package, there’s no way to uninstall it completely as it makes up part of the platform.

However, you can disable it so that it stops popping up, opening automatically, or using excess RAM while it runs in the background.

Check to see what version of Microsoft Office you’re using and if you can’t see Skype for Business in the list of programs in the control panel, you’ll need to take this approach instead. Follow these simple steps to stop Skype from opening or using too much RAM without your permission:

  1. Open the Skype program and go into the Settings tab
  2. Open Tools and then Options, and find the Personal settings.
  3. Uncheck the Automatically Start the App function, which will prevent Skype from opening without your permission.

Say Goodbye to Skype

removing skype

Although a reliable tool for many businesses, there may be some users who want to get rid of Skype for Business altogether. Whether it’s an issue with excess RAM consumption or just having a better option, you might be ready to delete it permanently as well.

Depending on how the program was installed, this could be difficult though, but there’s still a way to disable it so that it stops being a hindrance to your everyday computing tasks.

Related Questions

Skype for Business is just one communications tool out there that you can use to your advantage but if it’s not giving you what your need, there’s no point in holding onto the software.

To learn more about Skype for Business and whether it’s a good fit, we’ve answered some FAQs on the product.

How Many People Can I Have in a Meeting With Skype?

Skype has a maximum occupancy limit of 250 people in a meeting, so there are some limitations to the type of event you can hold.

These meetings allow for all participants to contribute video and audio sharing, as well as other functions like screen sharing, but only with permissions allocated by the host.

What’s the Difference Microsoft Teams and Skype?

teams vs skype

Skype is a product designed for personal use and smaller businesses, with Microsoft Teams being better suited to all types of business needs.

Within the Microsoft Teams platform, you can host web conferences, as well as standard audio and video chat, and it’s not just limited to staff members in your organization.

Is Microsoft Getting Rid of Skype?

Microsoft has announced plans to remove Skype for Business Online on July 21, 2021, with the hopes that customers will migrate to the Microsoft Teams platform instead.

This plan has been in place for two years so that users were able to take their time with migration or finding another platform for web conferencing.


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