Webinar Ninja Review: Can It Really Help You Become a Webinar Ninja?

webinar ninja review
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Online meeting platforms are a dime a dozen these days with the growth in remote roles and the popularity of work-from-home arrangements.

Webinar Ninja joins the crowd and manages to stand out with some unique features of its own.

Made by Wharton Business School dropouts Nicole Baldinu and Omar Zenhom, Webinar Ninja was born out of their shared desire to create a better platform that was better than the ones that they had been using. 

Their website proudly claims that Webinar Ninja is “built for teaching, not meetings.” 

Does it live up to its promise? What makes Webinar Ninja stand out from the crowd? Is it worth checking out?

This handy Webinar Ninja review will help you determine all this and more. We’ll take a look at its features, limitations, pricing, support, and what you can expect from using it.

Let’s first discuss what WebinarNinja is.

Key Takeaways

  • WebinarNinja provides a browser-based webinar solution with a mix of live and automated features.
  • Customer support and ease of use are key considerations for users selecting WebinarNinja.
  • The platform’s price point and performance merit comparison with other webinar solutions in the market.

Overview of WebinarNinja

A computer screen displaying the WebinarNinja platform with a webinar in progress, showing the user interface and various features

WebinarNinja is a robust webinar platform I find ideal for individuals and businesses aiming to promote products, host training sessions, or run sales funnels. This browser-based software offers a mix of live, automated, hybrid, and series webinars tailored to enhance audience engagement and facilitate learning.

Key Features of WebinarNinja:

  • Live Webinar Hosting: Allows for real-time audience interaction.
  • Automated Webinars: Pre-record events for viewing at any scheduled time.
  • Hybrid Webinars: Combine live and recorded segments.
  • Webinar Series: Run a sequence of webinars on an automated schedule.

Nicole Baldinu, the co-founder of WebinarNinja, has designed the platform to be user-friendly; setting up webinars is both quick and intuitive. I appreciate that it allows me to bring attendees on camera, create polls, and develop offers on the fly, which is particularly useful in engaging my audience and driving participation. Furthermore, the platform supports webinars lasting up to 8 hours, providing ample time for extensive workshops or conferences.

Distinct Advantages:

  • Seamless customer onboarding.
  • Effective tools for marketing and product selling.
  • Interaction-enhancing features like live Q&A with upvoting.

Webinar Ninja Overview

features and benefits of webinarninja

Webinar Ninja is an “all-in-one” web conferencing solution that allows you to efficiently set up and conduct live, interactive presentations. It’s available for browsers, computers, phones, and tablets.

At a glance, the fundamentals of Webinar Ninja are the same as others in its category. You can plan and create your own webinars or join one with the click of a button.

Once registered for the event, participants will be able to view slides shared by the presenter in real-time and chat with other attendees through text or voice during the session. Each webinar can host up to a hundred attendees and an additional ten presenters though this isn’t available under their free trial.

If you have a paid plan with them, there are no limits to the attendees for automated webinar plans and recorded webinar add-ons. Live sessions, on the other hand, can accept up to a hundred attendees.

What Sets Webinar Ninja Apart?

As a web conferencing solution that claims to be for “coaches, teachers, trainers, and creators,” Webinar Ninja packs in some unique features that set it apart from other tools of its kind. 

One of the big differences we immediately noticed with Webinar Ninja is its features that cater to e-learning vendors and teachers who sell paid online courses. Webinar Ninja offers more integrations than competitors, including integration with Stripe — a financial services company that facilitates online payments. You only need to open your own Stripe account to make it work for you.

This allows course creators to create a learning program, set up a customized registration page, and accept payment before providing access to their content. Once payment has been made, the buyer receives an email with details for accessing the course. This feature is available for live and pre-recorded webinars.

Additionally, you can use any of your events to advertise other webinars and other promotions you’d like to offer your audience. These can be presented to your audience manually in real-time by clicking a button or be scheduled to show up at certain intervals of a live or pre-recorded presentation.

There are other useful tools and features that add value to Webinar Ninja such as customizable thank you pages, the ability to monitor your event analytics before, during, and after as well as a media library where you can store all your event-related files. We’ll take a closer look at its features later in the article.

For now, let’s take a quick look at its pros and cons.


  • Beginner-friendly interface 
  • Attendees can join with any Apple, Windows, iOS, or Android browser
  • Offers many useful integrations like Stripe, YouTube, and Google Calendar
  • Share webinars easily on social media 
  • Has a wealth of unique features that other web conferencing solutions don’t (e.g., media library, customizable pages, upvoting questions, etc.)
  • Reliable connections without lag
  • Hosts up to 100 live attendees and unlimited attendees for on-demand viewing
  • Up to ten additional presenters can join live events
  • Engagement tools like questions, chats, handouts, polls, and offers
  • Event analytics before, during, and after


  • Free trial can only accommodate up to ten attendees and 20-minute webinars 
  • Significantly higher priced than Zoom and other competitors
  • Maintenance is carried out without adequate notice 

Webinar Ninja Features

pros and cons of webinar ninja

Webinar Ninja commands a higher price tag than its peers but it also packs in more features.

Most of them are aimed towards consumers who want to monetize their courses and their content while others make it easier to have webinars that have a lot of elements like speakers and presentations.

Here are the major features that stood out for us:

Hybrid Webinars: Recorded Lessons Plus Live Sessions

Webinar Ninja makes it easier to hold a webinar that has different types of content like pre-recorded lessons, live lectures, videos, and guest lecturers. If you’re a content creator who deals with a lot of moving parts like these, Webinar Ninja makes it easy to seamlessly weave all these elements into one event.

Media Library

One of the aspects that sets Webinar Ninja apart is a media library where you can upload all the presentations, images, and videos that you use. You can even share downloadable handouts in pdf and other formats.

If you need to share any of your files, you only need to click on the media library and share it — no need to go rummaging through the many files in your documents folder.

Engagement Tools

What would a video conferencing platform be without engagement tools? Webinar Ninja makes sure you don’t fall short on the number of ways your audience can engage with you. 

From offering standard features like chats and Q&A to non-standard features like the ability to upvote certain questions from the audience and share timed offers for upselling — this tool conveniently anticipates many of the needs that arise during meetings.

You can even have a poll and choose how you want to share its results in real-time.

Hosting Solution

Webinar Ninja lets you store your automated or pre-recorded webinars on its site. However, this feature is only available to paid subscribers. If you can afford the subscription fee, Webinar Ninja will host your video for you at no additional cost. 

Though you can’t have a live Q&A, you can still integrate poll questions, handouts, and sales offers in your hosted videos and later answer questions by email.

Series Webinars

Another unique feature that Webinar Ninja offers is the ability to host and offer a series of webinars. For those who have a lot of content that can’t fit in one session, they can offer their course as a series that entails one-time registration and payment.

You can schedule your lectures ahead of time and even pre-record them. 

Customizable Templates

webinarninja templates

One of the ways that Webinar Ninja offers an “all-in-one” solution is offering customizable templates for registration and thank you pages. This is very useful if your course is in a foreign language or you want to brand your event. 

The app also lets you create and customize up to ten email notifications. You can program the app to send them out during crucial event milestones like after signing up, the day before the event, etc.

The app intuitively groups your recipients into three groups so you don’t have to manually enter each email address. You can choose to send to everyone who registered to your event, all who attended, and those who didn’t attend. 

Useful Integrations

Instead of signing up for different services for your event, Webinar Ninja has many useful integrations that allow you to use their service exclusively. Here are some examples:

  • Users have the option of having the event automatically added to their calendars like Google Calendar.
  • You can share YouTube videos directly from the app.
  • Customers can pay for your content with Webinar Ninja’s integration with Stripe.

It also offers other integrations with MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, ConvertKit, and Drip. You can visit this page for more information about the ready-made integrations they have.

If you’re an enterprise user, this feature can come in handy. Instead of having to request and develop separate integrations, Webinar Ninja already has a good selection of built-in integrations that you can leverage.

Webinar Ninja in a Nutshell

The three most important aspects when it comes to these types of solutions are ease of use, pricing, and the quality of customer support. 

In this section, we review Webinar Ninja’s ability to deliver on all three to help you quickly gauge if it might be what you’re looking for.

Ease of Use

Webinar Ninja’s interface is easily navigable with large buttons, easy-to-understand icons, and an intuitive flow. Many customers are satisfied with its navigation that can be used without consulting a user’s manual.

For those who need more direction, they have a Help Center to address common questions with useful screenshots to help guide you. 

Since it’s primarily aimed at course creators, they also have resources on their website that are aimed at helping subscribers generate more leads and turn them into paying students.

Additionally, there is a Webinar Ninja Academy which can be accessed from the application. These courses also show subscribers how they can take full advantage of all the features that Webinar Ninja offers.

Customer Support

Though Webinar Ninja doesn’t have a toll-free hotline, you can get support by emailing support@webinarninja.com. Alternatively, you can also visit their page and send a message on the chat box at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Since we read some reviews that said they were unresponsive, we tested how quickly they responded to messages sent through chat. As promised, we received a reply and the answer we were looking for in less than five minutes.

We used the opportunity to clarify the difference between the regular support that everyone gets and the priority support that only business subscriptions are entitled to.

We discovered that as a Business subscriber, you use the same support channels. The only difference is your concerns are sent to the top of the list so they get attended to faster.

A computer screen displaying positive WebinarNinja reviews with a 5-star rating and glowing testimonials from satisfied users

WebinarNinja claims to offer a comprehensive suite of features designed to facilitate live, automated, and hybrid webinars. It’s important for potential users to understand how these features operate in practical scenarios and whether the platform stands up to real-world demands.

Considering aspects such as user experience, customer support, and overall value for money is essential for a balanced review. Additionally, how a platform like WebinarNinja compares to its competitors can significantly influence the decision-making process of anyone looking to invest in a webinar solution.

Getting Started with WebinarNinja

A laptop open on a desk, displaying the WebinarNinja platform. A microphone and camera are set up nearby, ready for a webinar

My initial steps with WebinarNinja began at their registration page, which I found to be user-friendly and intuitive. The process was straightforward; I simply provided my basic information and was swiftly directed to a well-designed landing page.


  • Simplicity: A simple form to fill out, requiring minimal information.
  • Speed: The entire sign-up process took just a few minutes.

From there, navigating to the dashboard was a seamless experience. The dashboard serves as the mission control for setting up webinars. Each feature was clearly labeled, which facilitated my understanding of its functions without substantial effort. I appreciated the intuitive layout that WebinarNinja offers, as I believe it would readily accommodate both novices and seasoned users.

Dashboard Features

  • Webinar Setup: Easy to locate with step-by-step guidance.
  • Design Layout: Clean and uncluttered with an emphasis on user experience.
  • Navigation: Intuitive tabs and menus make it easy to find various features.

As I explored the platform, I took note of how simple it was to navigate and manage the various tools made available. The integration of email sequences into the webinar creation process was a timesaver, meaning I didn’t need to start from scratch. For individuals who are not ready to commit, WebinarNinja offers a free trial. This trial allows full access to its capabilities, granting users the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the platform before deciding to purchase a plan.

Key Features and Functionalities

A computer screen displaying the WebinarNinja platform with various features and functionalities highlighted. A mouse cursor is clicking on different options

In my exploration of WebinarNinja’s offerings, the platform stands out with its comprehensive suite of features designed for a smooth and engaging webinar experience. Here’s a breakdown of its capabilities:

Live Webinar Capabilities

WebinarNinja allows me to create and host live webinars with ease. The platform supports high-quality video and audio broadcasting, along with screen sharing, to ensure that my content is delivered effectively. Live polls can be conducted to interact with the audience and capture real-time feedback.

Automated Webinars

I can also schedule automated webinars that run without my direct involvement. These can be set up to replay at specific times or be made available for on-demand access, which they refer to as evergreen webinars. This feature allows attendees to view content at their convenience, maximizing my reach.

Hybrid Webinar Features

For a dynamic webinar experience, WebinarNinja facilitates hybrid webinars. This means I can integrate pre-recorded videos with live elements, enabling me to tailor my presentations while engaging with participants through live chat and polls.

Marketing and Engagement Tools

WebinarNinja comes with a suite of marketing tools to help me boost registrations and maintain engagement. I can send customized emails before and after the webinar, design landing pages, and utilize integrations with marketing platforms to amplify reach.

Interactivity and Participant Engagement

Throughout the webinar, I can utilize features like live polls, Q&A sessions, and a real-time chat to maintain interactivity. This ensures high engagement, enabling me to connect with my participants effectively and cater to their interests and questions.

Analytics and Reporting

Post-webinar, WebinarNinja provides detailed analytics and reports. I can track attendance, participation rates, and other key metrics to analyze the performance of my webinars. This data helps me understand my audience better and refine future webinar strategies.

Ease of Use and Support

In my examination of WebinarNinja, I’ve found that its platform caters to users seeking a balance between simplicity and comprehensive support. From navigating the dashboard to utilizing customer resources, the emphasis on ease of use and robust support structures is clear.

A laptop with a user-friendly interface and a support team standing by

User-Friendly Interface

I’ve interacted with the WebinarNinja dashboard and can report it is intuitively designed, making webinar setup and management quite straightforward. Users can expect a clean interface with clear labels and a logical layout, which simplifies the learning curve for new users. The seamless integration of essential features ensures that even those with minimal technical expertise can produce quality webinars efficiently.

Customer Support and Resources

When it comes to customer support, WebinarNinja appears to prioritize responsiveness. It offers multiple avenues for assistance, including a knowledge base with detailed articles, video tutorials, and a community forum. In instances where I required direct support, their team was notably prompt and provided solutions with clarity. This approach aligns with user reviews which often highlight the helpfulness and attentiveness of the customer service team.

WebinarNinja Pricing

A laptop displaying WebinarNinja pricing options with positive reviews in the background

When examining the pricing structure of WebinarNinja, I find there are options tailored to various user needs. Starting with a free trial, users can test the platform before committing to a purchase, which offers a risk-free way to evaluate its offerings.

Pricing plan on webinarninja

For those ready to commit, WebinarNinja’s pricing tiers are as follows:

  • Starter Plan: Ideal for beginners, this package provides the essentials for webinar hosting. Priced at $39 per month when billed annually, the plan accommodates 100 attendees and includes two presenters, with live and automated webinar capabilities capped at two hours.
  • Pro Plan: This is a step up from the Starter Plan, with a monthly cost starting at $83.00. Geared towards more frequent users, this plan expands on the features with higher attendee and presenter limits.
  • Business Plan: At the top end, starting at $199.00 per month, the Business Plan is designed for larger operations, offering advanced features suitable for high-profile events.

*Exact numbers vary, check WebinarNinja for details.

Success Stories and Use Cases

A laptop displaying positive reviews and success stories of WebinarNinja, surrounded by glowing testimonials and case studies

In this section, I’ll detail the impactful experiences of various users and the specific ways they’ve leveraged WebinarNinja within their industries. Client feedback, success stories, and ratings provide real-world insights into the effectiveness of the platform.

Case Studies

Success with Educators:

In my examination, I’ve observed that educators find WebinarNinja particularly conducive to their needs. For instance, an educator reported an increase in engagement rates among students. They attributed this to the intuitive interface that simplifies the hosting and participation process for webinars.

Creators’ Experience:

Creators, ranging from coaches to marketers, have shared their success stories too. One testimonial emphasized how a marketing strategist expanded their reach. They hosted interactive sessions that led to a measurable uptick in lead generation and conversion rates.

Industry-Specific Applications

  • For Coaches:

    Application: Personal development coaches often require a platform that supports seamless interaction with clients. WebinarNinja serves these needs by facilitating high-quality webinars. Its features enable real-time communication and resource sharing.

  • In Marketing:

    Application: Marketing professionals utilize WebinarNinja to conduct product demonstrations and strategy sessions. User reviews consistently cite the platform’s robust tools for audience engagement as key differentiators that drive successful outcomes.

Through these use cases and testimonials, WebinarNinja emerges as a versatile tool for professionals across various sectors, from coaching to education.

The platform’s efficiency and customer satisfaction are continually echoed in client stories and reviews, underscoring its value in a competitive marketplace.

Performance and Reliability

A laptop displaying positive reviews of WebinarNinja's performance and reliability, surrounded by glowing testimonials and a chart showing high ratings

In my examination of WebinarNinja’s performance and reliability, I’ve found its quality to be consistently high. The platform appears to maintain strong uptime records, which is a critical factor for live webinar hosting.

Users seldom report connectivity issues, reinforcing the reliability of their service during peak webinar sessions.

The sound quality, an essential component for audience engagement and content delivery, seems to prioritize clarity. I’ve observed that WebinarNinja ensures the audio component is robust and clear, minimizing distractions due to technical deficiencies.

However, no platform is devoid of bugs. Some user feedback suggests that there are occasional glitches that could be attributed to software bugs. These are often minor and resolved promptly, which speaks to the software’s overall resilience and the company’s commitment to quality.

When considering the software’s performance metrics, the system’s agility and responsiveness stand out. I notice that navigation through the interface is fluid, and the tools respond promptly to commands. This is likely to be a contributing factor to user satisfaction regarding its ease of use.

Here’s a quick outline of key aspects related to performance and reliability:

  • Uptime: High availability with minimal reports of downtime
  • Audio Quality: Clear and reliable sound for engagement
  • Bugs: Occasional minor glitches, quickly addressed
  • Responsiveness: Swift interface with efficient tool interaction
  • Overall Quality: High, with customer-centric improvements

Comparing WebinarNinja to Competitors

A laptop displaying WebinarNinja surrounded by defeated competitors' logos

In this section, I’ll examine how WebinarNinja stacks up against its competitors, specifically focusing on Zoom. I’ll break down the comparison in terms of features to give you a clear understanding of what each platform offers.

WebinarNinja vs. Zoom

WebinarNinja positions itself as a comprehensive webinar platform tailored for educators and marketers. Compared to Zoom, a widely used video conferencing tool, WebinarNinja claims an edge with its purpose-built features for webinars.

Video Quality: Both platforms deliver high-definition video quality, ensuring professional-looking webinars.

Screen Sharing: WebinarNinja and Zoom allow for seamless screen sharing, pivotal for demonstrations and presentations.

Webinar Types: WebinarNinja offers various webinar formats, including Live, Automated, Series, and Hybrid, according to the presenter’s needs.

Features Comparison

When it comes to features, each platform has tailored offerings that suit different user needs:

IntegrationsComes with an array of integrations, particularly for marketing and automation toolsBoasts extensive integrations that enhance its use for a wide range of purposes
Ease of UsePraised for its intuitive interface, enabling interactions with easeKnown for its user-friendly experience across various devices and platforms
Webinar TypesOffers live, automated, and hybrid webinars, catering specifically to coaching and education sectorsSupports webinars and meetings, with a larger spectrum of use-cases from business meetings to large educational sessions

Both platforms have established themselves as leaders in their respective niches, with WebinarNinja being a favored solution in the webinar space and Zoom as a versatile video conferencing tool. The choice depends on the specific needs for webinar functionality and the audience engagement features required by the user.

Final Thoughts

A laptop displaying a webinar platform with positive reviews, surrounded by a notepad and pen for jotting down final thoughts

In my assessment of WebinarNinja as a software provider for webinars, I’ve considered the varying experiences and ratings shared by users. Below, I’ve broken down the key points gathered from my research:

  • Software Usability: The interface is cited as user-friendly, accommodating a range of webinar formats including live and automated options.
  • Functionality: Users appreciate the ability to integrate videos seamlessly during their webinars.
  • Customer Support: While some users have had a positive experience, there are instances reported where the company’s communication, particularly around trial periods, has been a concern.
  • Value for Money: The investment in WebinarNinja seems to largely align with the features offered by the platform, based on the ratings available.

I think it’s imperative to weigh these factors when considering WebinarNinja. Here’s a quick rating snapshot based on my findings:

Value for Money4/5

Despite some criticisms, the consensus points to WebinarNinja as a capable tool for hosting webinars. Each potential user should consider their specific needs against the software’s features and reported user experiences to make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

A laptop open to a webinar platform with FAQ section highlighted, surrounded by notepad, pen, and coffee mug

In this section, I’ll answer some of the most common questions regarding WebinarNinja to help you determine if it’s the right solution for your webinar needs.

How does WebinarNinja compare in terms of cost to other webinar platforms?

WebinarNinja offers a competitive pricing structure that’s often considered favorable compared to other solutions. Its price point is designed to appeal to those seeking a balance of features and affordability, aiming to deliver more value for the investment.

What features are included in the different pricing tiers offered by WebinarNinja?

WebinarNinja provides a range of features across its pricing tiers, including live, automated, and hybrid webinars, along with the ability to create polls, offers, and handouts. Higher tiers may offer extended webinar duration and advanced tools like bringing attendees on camera.

Can you host paid webinars using WebinarNinja, and if so, how does the payment process work?

Yes, WebinarNinja supports paid webinars. The platform facilitates payments for webinars directly through its interface, integrating with payment processors to provide a seamless transaction experience for hosts and attendees.

Are there any additional fees or costs associated with using WebinarNinja?

The core services of WebinarNinja are encompassed within the subscription price. However, like any other platform, there might be additional costs for optional services or third-party integrations depending on the user’s specific needs.

What kind of customer support does WebinarNinja provide to its users?

WebinarNinja is known for its attentive customer support, which includes listening to user feedback and implementing relevant changes. They offer support through various channels and strive to keep up with technology to address user issues promptly.

How user-friendly is the WebinarNinja interface for beginners?

The interface of WebinarNinja is designed for ease of use, making it a solid choice for beginners. It provides a straightforward, less complicated experience for creating and deploying webinars.

This is beneficial for users who prefer a functional approach without unnecessary complexity.


If you’re serious about your courses and events, Webinar Ninja is an ideal tool for creating a seamless experience with its abundant features.

This is especially true if you’re looking to get paid for your courses or sell through them. Its much higher price tag, however, will discourage casual users who only call meetings every now and then.

The trial version’s limited features aren’t enough to distinguish it from Zoom and more popular video conferencing solutions. To justify the $100 to $200 subscription fee, you need to either be an enterprise user or a vendor selling learning programs. 

For those who meet these criteria, our Webinar Ninja review has established that it is a well thought out product with many useful features that paid course creators are sure to appreciate.

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