Webinar Jam Review

Webinar Jam Video conference Review
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A business can’t get very far without the right communication tools, and if your brand relies on connecting with an audience, a webinar tool is a solid solution.

Webinar Jam is one of the leading platforms for hosting online seminars, and you can use it for selling products, coaching, or simply engaging with an audience.

Is Webinar Jam any good?

Webinar Jam is a simple piece of software that lets you host live and pre-recorded webinars for up to 5,000 participants and with six presenters. It’s a basic platform with lots of features and options for customization, so you can make it work for your brand however you see fit.

A good webinar platform can make all of the difference when delivering your message, whether it’s to customers or peers.

We’re going to look at what Webinar Jam has to offer to a business, including the good and the bad, so you can figure out if it’s got what you need to meet your communication goals.

What is Webinar Jam?

what is webinarjam

Webinars have become commonplace for business communications and marketing, but even more so since the world went into lockdown and turned to virtual meeting spaces.

Webinar Jam is one of the leading providers of webinar services and their cloud-based broadcasting technology helps you get your message, and brand, out there in the world.

Webinar Jam has a range of features you can utilize, including HD 30FPS broadcasting in video and audio, live chats and Q&As for attendees, automated recordings so you can watch back sessions, and flexible scheduling to meet all of your webinar needs. They offer the tools to create live, on-demand, and pre-recorded sessions for your audience, with up to 5,000 participants possible.

According to Webinar Jam, their platform is ideal for anyone with a message to send, an audience to reach, students to teach, or a product to sell, which encapsulates so many industries and types of business out there. If you plan on broadcasting anything for your brand, there’s a good chance they’ve got the features that can help you do it.

The Pros and Cons

To get a better idea of what Webinar Jam can bring to your business, and whether it’s the right choice for a webinar service, we’ve weighed up the pros and cons.

With a clear view of their strong and weak points, you’ll be able to see right away if it’s got the goods to meet your communication requirements.



When you look at other platforms for conferencing, Webinar Jam is easy to afford without skimping on any of the important features. Paying for an annual plan also means you save even more.

Easy to use

using webinarjam

The entire process is streamlined for you and questions are asked along the way to help you set up webinars just how you like them. First-time users will find it easy to make sense of the software and create rooms. Once you get a handle on the system, you can start a new room within just a few minutes.

Large number of attendees

Compared to other webinar programs out there, Webinar Jam has huge capabilities for hosting sessions with up to 5,000 participants possible on their Enterprise plan. This takes the stress out of not knowing how many will show up to a webinar and whether they’ll even get in.

Clear audio and video

Even users with lower internet speeds were still able to hear crisp audio and get HD video when participating in webinars on this platform. Having this type of quality presentation can only boost the reputation of your brand and makes it easier to get your message across.

Usable analytics

Unlike other platforms that make it hard to understand data and read through the post-session analytics, Webinar Jam tries to simplify things. You can look at just a single webinar or compile the data together to get a better idea of how this marketing tool is working for you.

Easy payments

If you plan on charging attendees for participating in your webinar, Webinar Jam does the hard work for you. They offer many different payment gateways to make it easy for guests to contribute, as well as sale validation so there’ll be no confusion over who has paid what.


Issues with live stream

There is a 10-second delay that some participants experience, so the live function doesn’t always work as it should. This has a trickle-down effect that means chat, Q&A, and other engagement functions will suffer as well.

Branding continuity

While you can customize lots of the webinar materials and rooms, not all aspects can be changed to your branding choices. This means the overall presentation can be a little mismatched and not as professional as you would hope.

Translation problems

Some users have reported issues when using the translation services and found that the proposed translation wasn’t always correct. If you plan on relying on this feature heavily, you might want to reconsider until an update has been made.

Quality of Online Conferences

video i audio quality

Within Webinar Jam’s suite of features, their online conference capabilities are what set them apart.

The video presentations run in HD 30FPS resolution, you can screen share, deliver presentations from PowerPoint and other apps, and quickly and easily add attendees and promote them to presenters if need be.

The big issue, as mentioned in our pros and cons list, was the delay that most attendees experience when viewing a live webinar.

You’ll likely hear reports that they have a 10-second delay between what you’re saying and when they get the message, which can cause all kinds of problems for audience engagement. This aside, the quality is top-notch, but it’s a pretty big maybe if you’re worried about being in sync.

Extra Features and Add-Ons

Aside from offering the standard webinar services that other platforms do, there are some extras you can expect with Webinar Jam.

Consider the worth that these might bring to your future webinars if you choose this provider:

  • Panic button: If something goes wrong or your session freezes, press this button, and all attendees will be transported to a fresh, new room without a drama.
  • Instant promotion: Quickly turn a meeting attendee into a presenter with the click of a button so they can share their camera and ideas with others.
  • Device agnostic: The service works on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops with the same level of quality.
  • Live chat: Run live Q&A sessions or ask questions and polls during a webinar to boost engagement.
  • Smartphone app: The Webinar Jam app lets you host a session from your phone, no matter where you are in the world.
  • Control center: A single place to change settings, look at analytics, and control how a meeting is going. You can even give access to other staff members so they can keep an eye on this while you’re running a webinar session.
  • Always-on Room: This room is open 24/7 and features a customized URL with your business name. You can pop in and out as needed and it gives attendees a simple way to get in touch quickly.

User Friendliness of Webinar Jam

If you don’t consider yourself a tech wizard, you’ll be thrilled to learn that Webinar Jam takes care of this for you.

Almost everything on their site is automated and customizable, so you can just answer a few questions and they’ll take you through each of the steps until it’s complete. If you’re in a hurry, you can get a webinar up and running in just a few minutes.

Webinar Jam wasn’t just good for hosts, but also attendees, and they couldn’t make it easier for people to register and join a conference. All you have to do is customize a signup funnel and they will automate the rest of it including sending out reminders and allowing people to register.

Pricing and Plans

Pricing plan

Webinar Jam has made it easy for customers by separating their features and offerings into three distinct tiers.

These are designed to cater to smaller businesses right through to massive enterprises, and when it comes to pricing comparisons, they remain one of the most competitive. Their three plans are as follows:

  • Basic: The starter package from Webinar Jam costs around $499 a year and is a good choice for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. For this cost, you’ll be able to host a 2-presenter webinar to 500 people, and with a maximum length of 2 hours per session.
  • Pro: The most popular tier for business customers, the Pro plan costs $699 a year and caters to mid to large-sized companies. You’ll get to have four presenters on a webinar and an audience size of up to 2,000 attendees, with each webinar going no longer than three hours.
  • Enterprise: This is for larger businesses whose needs aren’t being met by the Basic and Pro plans. You’ll work with a member of the Webinar Jam team to come up with options that suit your business, and will be able to host conferences for 5,000 participants if needed. This costs at least $999 a year, which doesn’t work out to be that much when it’s broken down into months.

All of these plans come with access to Webinar Jam’s customer support team, and they allow for an unlimited number of webinars to be held each year. They also offer a free trial so you can test out what the service has to offer and if it’s going to be a good fit for your business.

Webinar Jam’s Customer Support

Any time you use a new piece of software or start a marketing tool that you’ve never tried before, it can be daunting.

One of the best things about Webinar Jam is that they know this, so they’ve tried to implement as many customer support options as they possibly could.

According to current and previous users, Webinar Jam has a great reputation for customer service, and it’s noticed during the initial sign-up stages and as you get to use the software. You can easily access your account settings, billing and payments, or view the company’s policies and FAQs, as well as reach out to their staff in a number of ways.

Whether you’re thinking about joining the platform or are already a member, you’ll be able to get help by visiting their Facebook page, calling a support phone number, jumping on their 24/7 instant chat, looking for assistance with their online community, or using their dedicated support helpdesk.

The Easy Way to Host

webinarjam options

A webinar doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you’ve never hosted one before, and Webinar has the goods to guarantee this.

Their simple layout and user-friendly functions allow you to create a custom webinar to suit your goals, and they do so without charging a fortune.

Related Questions

A webinar is a helpful tool for getting your message across the globe, whether you’re teaching students or selling products to an audience.

To learn more about webinars and their purpose in today’s business, read on to see a few FAQs we’ve answered on the topic.

What Is Web Conferencing?

Web conferencing is a general term used to describe a number of practices including webinars, meetings, and webcasts, all of which are conducted online.

The use of the internet as a hosting space for presentations like these has become commonplace and offers several benefits to the host and attendees.

Can They See You During a Webinar?

If you’re an attendee of a webinar, you generally can’t be seen by the speaker or other participants, and usually, only the host and other presenters will be visible.

However at any point during the webinar, the host may request that you get on camera if asking a question or to present a point, but not without your permission.


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