MyOwnConference Review: Comprehensive Analysis of Webinar Platform Features

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In today’s fast-paced digital environment, the utility of versatile platforms for webinars and video conferencing is undeniable. MyOwnConference has emerged as an option for individuals and businesses seeking a robust tool to host webinars, online meetings, and training sessions. MyOwnConference boasts a range of features from live streaming to recording, alongside real-time interaction capabilities like polls and chat, catering to the ever-growing demands for seamless virtual communication. With its comprehensive set of tools, it aims to provide a scalable solution, whether for a solo entrepreneur or a large corporation.

A conference room with a long table surrounded by chairs, a projector screen at the front, and a podium for speakers. The room is filled with people engaged in discussions and taking notes

MyOwnConference has gained attention for its user-friendly interface, making setup and navigation straightforward for hosts and participants alike. Users have reported satisfaction with the platform’s consistent technical performance, which is essential for maintaining professional and engaging presentations. Additionally, the platform offers varying pricing and plans to accommodate different user needs, complementing its extensive support and resources designed to assist users in maximizing the platform’s potential.

Key Takeaways

  • MyOwnConference is a multifaceted platform for hosting webinars and online meetings.
  • It provides a user-friendly experience with reliable technical performance.
  • The service offers flexible pricing and dedicated support to its users.

Overview of MyOwnConference

A computer screen displaying the MyOwnConference website with a positive review and user testimonials. A logo and branding elements are visible in the background

MyOwnConference is a comprehensive webinar platform that I find to be highly suitable for conducting digital meetings and presentations. The software offers robust features that cater to both small and large-scale video conferencing needs, maintaining an emphasis on quality and user accessibility.

Key Features

  • Webinar and Conference Hosting: MyOwnConference supports live webinar and conference sessions with a strong focus on broadcast quality and minimal latency.
  • Presentation Tools: Participants have access to a range of tools to enhance their presentations, including screen sharing and multimedia support.
  • Scalability: The platform is designed to accommodate a variable number of participants, making it scalable for different business sizes.
  • Device Compatibility: Users can join events from any device, as MyOwnConference offers comprehensive web-based support.

Software Usability

  • Ease of Use: The interface of MyOwnConference is user-friendly, with a 4.4/5 usability rating suggesting that users can navigate the platform with ease.
  • Customer Service: With a customer service rating of 4.7/5, the software seemingly provides excellent support, which is crucial for troubleshooting and user assistance.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Balanced against its features, MyOwnConference offers value for money, indicating that I can leverage its capabilities without incurring disproportionate costs.

User Interface and Experience

A computer screen displaying the MyOwnConference user interface with a clean and intuitive design, featuring easy navigation and interactive elements for a seamless user experience

My exploration of MyOwnConference focuses on its user interface and experience which is integral to its utility, particularly how it molds the interaction between attendees and admins. I underscore its ease of navigation, customization options, and design aesthetics, assessing these features from both the admin and attendee viewpoints.

Ease of Navigation

When I examine the ease of navigation in MyOwnConference, I find a straightforward and intuitive layout. Attendees can effortlessly access various sections like the live room, while admins benefit from a seamless experience when setting up events. Clear icons and a logical structure aid in helping users find their way around the platform. Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Live Room Access: Immediate and simple for attendees.
  • Event Setup: Admins experience a frictionless setup process.

The mobile interface maintains this simplicity, making attendance and management on-the-go feasible.

Customization Options

In my assessment of customization, MyOwnConference offers a range of options that allow users to tailor the experience to their preferences:

  1. Landing Page: Admins can create a bespoke landing page, which is instrumental in branding and the first impression for attendees.
  2. Live Room Design: The ability to adjust the live room environment caters to both functionality and visual appeal.
  3. Webcam / Screen Sharing: Users can personalize webcam and screen share settings, enhancing the interactive experience.

Customization enhances the comfort level of users, promoting a more personalized and branded interaction.

Design and Aesthetics

Delving into design and aesthetics, I note that the visual design of MyOwnConference is sleek and professional, aligning with what users expect from a modern conferencing tool. Here are specifics:

  • Visual Cohesion: The platform adopts a consistent color scheme and font selection.
  • Embeddable Features: Widgets and tools that can be embedded maintain the overall aesthetic, ensuring a unified look and feel.

The platform’s design contributes to a positive user experience by providing a visually harmonious and distraction-free environment.

Functionality and Tools

A desk with a laptop, microphone, and camera. A notepad with pen. A comfortable chair. Bright, well-lit room

In assessing MyOwnConference, I focus on its core features that enable effective webinar and conference hosting, the availability of interactive tools for participant engagement, and its presentation capabilities tailored for delivering impactful content.

Webinar and Conference Hosting

MyOwnConference allows for seamless hosting of webinars and conferences with a reliable digital method. My capacity to host online events is enhanced by the ability to support a large number of participants and manage them efficiently in the live room. Key functionalities include the ability to share my screen, which simplifies the process of showcasing websites, software, or presentations in real-time.

  • Analytics: Insightful analytics enable me to track engagement and performance.
  • Webcam Sharing: High-quality webcam sharing makes it personal and interactive.
  • Screen Sharing: Demonstrating my screen content with others is fluid and user-friendly.
  • Upload Videos: Pre-recorded videos can be uploaded to be streamed during webinars.

Interactive Tools

Engaging my audience is crucial, and MyOwnConference offers interactive tools to facilitate this.

  • Live polls & surveys: For capturing real-time feedback and opinions.
  • Chat and Q&A: Engage directly with participants with a built-in feature for questions and comments.

These features encourage participation and make webinars more than just presentations; they become a two-way conversation.

Presentation Capabilities

With MyOwnConference, the power of my presentation is maximized through a suite of tools designed to make content delivery impactful.

  • PowerPoint Integration: I can directly upload and display PowerPoint slides, enhancing the visual aspect of my presentation.
  • Presentation Tools: Annotations and highlighting features allow me to draw attention to key points dynamically.

These presentation tools are intuitive, allowing me to focus on the content rather than struggle with the technology, ensuring that I convey my message clearly and professionally.

Integration and Expansion

A group of diverse people engage in discussions and presentations at a conference, while networking and exchanging ideas

In my exploration of MyOwnConference, I’ve noted its capabilities to not only host webinars efficiently but also to offer seamless integration with various tools and platforms, facilitating expansion and outreach for users.

Social Media Platforms

Facebook & YouTube: MyOwnConference supports integration with major social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube. This allows for a broader reach as it simplifies streaming webinars directly to these sites, engaging social media audiences and driving registration.

  • Facebook: Stream directly to Facebook pages or groups to enhance visibility.
  • YouTube: Conduct live streams on YouTube channels, thus leveraging YouTube’s vast user base.

Payment Processing

PayPal Integration: Financial transactions are streamlined with MyOwnConference through its PayPal integration. This feature ensures a smooth experience for registrants, enabling them to pay for access to paid webinars directly through a familiar and secure payment gateway.

  • Easy connection: Link your PayPal account to enable direct payments.
  • Secure transactions: Rely on PayPal’s robust system for handling webinar fees.

External Software Integration

Google Analytics integration allows users to track and analyze their webinar-related website traffic effectively. I value this feature because it provides in-depth insights into attendee behaviors, helping to tailor future online events for better performance and attendee retention.

  • Tracking: Monitor attendee activity and gain valuable data.
  • Optimization: Use insights to improve marketing strategies for webinars.

In offering these integrative features, MyOwnConference demonstrates a clear commitment to providing a user-friendly, expansive platform well-suited for growth and extended audience reach.

Customer Engagement

A group of people are gathered around a screen, smiling and engaged as they participate in a virtual conference. The presenter is animated and the audience is attentive

My review focuses on the practical tools and strategies MyOwnConference equips me with to amplify customer engagement during and after webinars.

Communication Features

One of my priorities during a webinar is to maintain high engagement levels, and the chat feature in MyOwnConference works exceptionally well for this purpose. It allows for an instantaneous interaction between participants and me, ensuring that any questions or comments can be addressed promptly. To support this further, the platform’s support team is readily available, allowing me to resolve any technical issues quickly, ensuring that the communication flow remains unbroken.

In my experience, the ability to add a webinar to a calendar directly from the post-registration page is a subtle yet powerful feature. It reduces the chances of no-shows and increases the engagement rate by reminding registrants of the upcoming event.

Follow-Up Strategies

I find the follow-up process crucial to sustain engagement after the webinar. MyOwnConference provides an option to send a follow-up email, which allows me to thank participants, share additional resources, and provide a link to the webinar replay. This follow-up email serves as a touchpoint that keeps the conversation going and reinforces the relationship with the attendees.

Another follow-up strategy I employ is sharing the webinar replay link. It not only caters to registrants who missed the live session but also extends my reach to a broader audience. This feature contributes greatly to my overall customer engagement strategy, as it opens up possibilities for continued dialogue and education beyond the live event.

Pricing and Plans

A table with various pricing and plan options displayed on a screen, surrounded by charts and graphs showing statistical data

In reviewing MyOwnConference, I consider the pricing and plans particularly noteworthy for their flexibility and value, catering to different user needs from occasional webinars to extensive usage.

Various Pricing Options

MyOwnConference offers a free plan that includes a decent webcam quality at 720p resolution. This can be a valuable starting point for users wanting to test the platform or conduct infrequent webinars. For more advanced features or larger teams, MyOwnConference has a flexible pricing structure, which varies depending on the number of attendees and additional functionalities required.

Here’s a breakdown of the types of plans available:

  • Free Plan: Limited features but suitable for basic use.
  • Monthly Subscription: Ideal for short-term or sporadic needs.
  • Annual Subscription: Comes with a reduced rate compared to monthly payments, making it economical for long-term users.

Payment for subscriptions can be processed easily, with options including PayPal or a PayPal account, ensuring secure and convenient transactions.

Comparing to Competitors

When comparing MyOwnConference’s pricing plans to competitors, it stands out for its reasonable price point. Many reviews suggest that while prices for alternatives were “over the roof,” MyOwnConference offers a high broadcast quality for a low price.

A direct comparison in terms of pricing:

  • Google Meet: More expensive alternative, users may switch to MyOwnConference for cost savings.
  • Zoom and GoTo Webinar: While they are popular, MyOwnConference might offer more competitive pricing, especially for users who prioritize webcam quality and minimal latency without overspending.

By considering annual versus monthly options and evaluating the needs for webinar frequency and size, users can select the most cost-effective plan for their situation, knowing that MyOwnConference’s flexible pricing caters to a broad range of requirements.

Support and Resources

A group of people gather around a table, exchanging ideas and sharing resources. A banner with the words "Support and Resources" hangs prominently in the background

In my review, I find that the value of any software lies not just in its features, but also in the support infrastructure surrounding it. MyOwnConference seems to understand this, offering robust support and educational resources to assist users.

Customer Support Services

MyOwnConference provides a comprehensive support team that addresses the concerns and issues of both lecturers and students using the platform. I have noticed that their customer service is highly rated, with a score of 4.7 out of 5 according to recent reviews. Users can expect the following support services:

  • Immediate assistance: Responsive live chat services are available.
  • Dedicated help: Email support for less urgent, in-depth queries.

Such services ensure that users can resolve any obstacles promptly, maintaining a seamless experience.

Educational Materials

MyOwnConference appears to invest significantly in e-learning materials, making it simpler for new users to get started. They offer a variety of resources designed to enhance the user experience:

  • Instruction manual: A comprehensive guide that walks users through the platform’s features.
  • Online resources: Webinars, video tutorials, and articles cover diverse topics from basic setup to advanced utilization.

Users seeking to master the platform’s capabilities have many options to educate themselves, facilitated by MyOwnConference’s focus on providing extensive instructional content.

User Engagement and Growth

A group of diverse individuals are gathered around a screen, actively participating in a virtual conference. Charts and graphs show growth and engagement

In my experience, successfully engaging users and nurturing growth requires a keen focus on audience building, strategic marketing, and diligent analysis of user feedback. Using a combination of these three elements, I’ve observed that programs like MyOwnConference can significantly enhance both webinar initiatives and in-person conferences.

Building an Audience

To cultivate a robust audience, I prioritize webinar initiatives that resonate with potential customers and align with my marketing vision. This begins with designing webinars that are informative and compelling, ensuring high registration conversion rates. I also leverage social media registration options to simplify the process and widen the audience reach.

Marketing and Promotion

For my marketing strategies, I create targeted campaigns that highlight the unique value proposition of my webinars or conferences. I rely on:

  • Email marketing: Directly engaging prospective attendees with clear, actionable messages.
  • Social media campaigns: Using platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to create buzz around my events.
  • Partnerships: Collaborating with influencers and industry leaders to broaden my promotional reach.

By deploying a diverse marketing mix, I amplify my message across multiple channels to maximize the stream of interested participants.

Analytics and Feedback

I believe in the power of statistics to guide my strategies. It’s critical to track metrics such as:

  • Attendance rates: To assess the actual turnout against registrations.
  • Engagement levels: How interactive participants are during the event.

Additionally, I gather feedback post-event to gauge customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. This analytics and feedback loop forms the cornerstone of my approach, ensuring that each event is better than the last.

Technical Performance

A stage with a podium, microphone, and large screen displaying the myownconference logo. Audience seats filled with attendees

When discussing the technical performance of MyOwnConference, I focus on two key aspects: its reliability and compatibility. My analysis reflects consistent updates, a noteworthy absence of lag, and a seamless stream experience. Moreover, the browser-based accessibility and integration with tools like PowerPoint play a significant role in the user experience.


In my observations, MyOwnConference showcases a high level of reliability with a reported uptime of 99.98%. My experience confirms this, as I have seldom encountered interruptions or notable lag during video conferences. The platform seems to handle streams proficiently, ensuring minimal latency that is crucial for maintaining professional webinar standards.

  • Updates: Regular updates contribute to the robustness of the platform.
  • Lag: I’ve noticed negligible lag, providing a smooth user experience.
  • Stream: The consistent stream quality maintains engagement during video conferences.


I find MyOwnConference to be highly compatible with various devices and browsers, enhancing the platform’s accessibility. PowerPoint presentations integrate smoothly, which is important for my webinars and educational content delivery. The absence of restrictions for free account users since August 1st, 2020 has widened accessibility.

  • Browser: Effortless functionality across prominent web browsers.
  • PowerPoint: Direct support for PowerPoint aids in seamless presentations.
  • Free Account: Users with free accounts can now benefit from 24/7 access without limitations.

Real-world Application

A conference room with a large screen displaying a virtual event platform, while attendees engage in discussions and presentations. Tables are adorned with laptops, notebooks, and coffee cups, creating a professional and collaborative atmosphere

In my review, I’ve found that MyOwnConference particularly excels in its real-world application within the educational sector and among businesses. Its robust features enhance e-learning experiences and facilitate remote business operations.

Educational Sector

In my experience tutoring at a language school, MyOwnConference has proven to be an invaluable tool for e-learning. Students can join live events and lectures in Full HD, making lessons appear as clear as they would in a physical classroom. I’ve noticed that lecturers appreciate the platform’s intuitive interface, which allows them to focus more on teaching and less on technical troubleshooting. It also offers functionalities for language schools to conduct engaging and interactive sessions, which are vital for language acquisition.

Business Usage

Startups and established businesses have leveraged MyOwnConference for conducting remote meetings and sharing their marketing vision. I’ve observed that the platform supports various digital marketing initiatives, allowing companies to host webinars with multifunctional tools. My analysis shows that real-time interaction capabilities are instrumental in maintaining clear communication among teams, especially for a startup where agility is critical. The ease with which participants can access live events from any device helps businesses in keeping their teams aligned and informed, no matter where they are located.

Comparative Analysis

A computer screen with two side-by-side webpages open, one labeled "MyOwnConference" and the other "Review." Graphs and charts display data

In this section, we’ll closely examine how MyOwnConference stacks up against its competitors, evaluating its service quality and crunching the numbers to see if the investment yields tangible benefits.

Similar Services Comparison

My research shows that MyOwnConference competes with a variety of similar services. Alternatives like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and ClickMeeting each offer their unique set of features, making the landscape quite competitive.

  • Google Hangouts
      • Free to use with a Google account
      • Limited advanced conferencing features
  • Zoom
      • High-quality video and audio
      • Extensive feature set for collaboration
      • Security concerns have been raised in the past
      • Free version has a 40-minute limit on group meetings
  • ClickMeeting
      • Webinar capabilities
      • Custom branding options
      • Pricier for larger audiences

From a service quality perspective, reviews on Capterra suggest that MyOwnConference has a user satisfaction rate of 4.5 out of 5, which indicates a high level of service quality. In comparison, popular alternatives like Zoom have slightly higher or comparable rates, indicating strong competition in the market.

Cost-benefit Analysis

When I analyze the cost versus the benefits of MyOwnConference, the starting price from search results is cited as $10, offering differential pricing models such as Annual or Monthly subscriptions. Here is a straightforward comparison with one close competitor, Zoom, based on pricing:

Starting Price$10 per month$14.99 per month
Free Version AvailableYesYes
Free TrialYesYes
Service QualityHigh (4.5/5 on Capterra)High (4.3/5 on Capterra)

Based on user reviews from sources like GetApp and Capterra, customers generally find the pay plan for MyOwnConference to be of good value for the money, especially when considering possible upgrades and additional features required for their specific use cases.

It’s also important to consider the scalability of these services. While MyOwnConference’s lower starting price may be attractive for smaller businesses or individuals, services like Zoom may offer more robust solutions that justify their higher initial cost for larger organizations.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Attendees typing notes, nodding in agreement, and exchanging contact info. Presenter's slides projected on a large screen. Positive feedback and smiles

In my assessment of MyOwnConference, I find its features commendable for anyone looking for a reliable webinar and conference platform. The user reviews highlight a high degree of satisfaction, especially with customer support and the ease of use. I’ve observed that the platform’s interface is intuitive, allowing for smooth operation even for new users.

Customer Support: With customer service receiving praise, I am inclined to trust the responsiveness and helpfulness of the support team which is crucial for any software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

Functionality: The array of multifunctional tools caters to various needs, from live webinars to video conferencing. The built-in recording and audience interaction tools add to its robustness, although some reviews suggest there’s room for improvement in webinar room design.

FeaturesMy Assessment
Ease of UseHighly Accessible

For alternatives, software like BlueJeans Meetings and Zoho Meeting are often compared. However, MyOwnConference stands out for its value for money – an aspect I consider especially beneficial for small businesses or individuals mindful of budget constraints.

In closing, my recommendation is to consider MyOwnConference as a cost-effective and feature-rich option for your webinar and conference needs. Its performance and support system seem to strike the right balance, making it a worthwhile contender in the realm of online meeting solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A computer screen displaying "Frequently Asked Questions" with a positive review of MyOwnConference. A user's hand hovers over a mouse, ready to click

In this section, I will address some common questions regarding MyOwnConference to help you understand its features, user experience, and technical capabilities.

What are the key features of MyOwnConference?

MyOwnConference has a suite of tools designed for webinars, including a reliable WebRTC-based real-time communication system. The platform allows for built-in recording, audience interaction through various tools, and email notifications.

How does MyOwnConference compare to Zoom for hosting webinars?

While Zoom is a popular choice for video conferencing, MyOwnConference specializes in webinars and offers features tailored for this format. The platform is designed for ease of use, with tools specific for audience engagement during live presentations, setting it apart from Zoom’s broader conferencing features.

What are the safety and security measures in MyOwnConference for webinars?

MyOwnConference prioritizes security with measures in place to ensure the safety of webinar sessions. However, details on specific safety protocols and encryption standards are typically available directly from the platform’s customer support or official resources.

Can MyOwnConference support large-scale webinars and its participant limit?

The platform is built to accommodate large-scale webinars, though the exact participant limit may vary based on the chosen pricing plan. It’s scalable, so whether you’re hosting a small meeting or a large conference, MyOwnConference can handle it.

What are the pricing plans for MyOwnConference, and do they offer a free trial?

MyOwnConference offers various pricing plans, including a free plan with no expiration or time constraints. There are also paid plans, which provide more features and support a larger number of participants. Details on free trials should be confirmed with their latest offers.

How user-friendly is the interface of MyOwnConference for first-time users?

The interface of MyOwnConference is reported to be convenient and intuitive. First-time users generally find it easy to navigate, with multifunctional tools for conducting webinars without a steep learning curve.

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