EasyWebinar Review: Uncovering the Key Features and Benefits

EasyWebinar Review
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As someone who has used various webinar platforms, I recently stumbled upon EasyWebinar and decided to give it a try. In this EasyWebinar review, we will explore the platform’s features, ease of use, and how it compares to its competitors. EasyWebinar is gaining popularity among businesses and individuals seeking a solid webinar platform that caters to both live and automated webinars.

Designed to be an all-in-one solution for webinars, EasyWebinar offers a range of features that aim to make the process of hosting webinars seamless and efficient. From getting started with the platform to analyzing the performance of your webinars, EasyWebinar aims to simplify each step along the way. The platform also provides ample resources and customer support for its users.

Key Takeaways

  • EasyWebinar offers a comprehensive toolset for hosting live and automated webinars
  • The platform provides resources to simplify the process and improve efficiency
  • Analyzing performance and comparing to competitors are essential aspects of the review.

Getting Started with EasyWebinar

I recently tried using EasyWebinar and wanted to share my experience with getting started. Joining the platform was straightforward, as the registration process was simple and intuitive. After providing some basic information, I was able to access EasyWebinar’s dashboard and start exploring its features.

Getting Started with Easy Webinar

One of the features I found most useful was the ability to schedule automated webinars. This functionality allowed me to set up pre-recorded webinars and ensure that they would automatically play on the specified dates and times. For someone who’s busy and values efficiency, I appreciated this feature, as it saved me time and effort in executing my webinars.

As for customizing my webinars, EasyWebinar offered a variety of options when it came to designing the registration page. I was able to add custom questions to gather more information about my attendees as they signed up. This helped me tailor my content to better address their needs and interests.

In conclusion, getting started with EasyWebinar was a breeze. From the registration process to setting up automated webinars and creating a personalized registration page, I found the platform user-friendly and efficient. If you’re looking to host webinars, EasyWebinar is a reliable choice to consider.

Features of EasyWebinar

No Delay StreamingNo more long wait times between asking a question and getting a response. Our no delay, no latency is the most real time streaming you’ll ever get.
High Quality PictureYour audience gets to see you in pixel perfect, high definition quality using our proprietary EasyWebinar Live Engine. Experience no delays, no buffering and no frustration!
Real-Time ChatSuper easy live chat makes engaging with your community a breeze. And of course, emojis are fully supported! Send links and any communications you’d like in real time.
Multiple PresentersYou can have up to 4 presenters in a live webinar presenting to your audience. Each can use camera and microphone as well as share their screen to present.
Record and ArchiveRecord and archive any and all webinar sessions. Download them, or use previous live sessions as automated webinars.
Run HD ScreenSharingNo more blurry screen presentations! Share everything in perfect HD including presentations, documents, browser windows and more. Each presenter can share while their thumbnails are pushed to the bottom for a full screen experience.
Make Any Attendee A PresenterTurn any attendee in the room into a presenter with the click of a button! Select the attendee and EasyWebinar’s software will automatically locate their camera and audio allowing them to start presenting on the spot.
Amazing Audio with TrueVoice TechnologyTrueVoice technology allows for noise reduction plus high bandwidth streaming with no delay, even with 2 people speaking at the same time.
EasyCastEasyWebinar’s EasyCast feature allows you to stream live on multiple social media platforms at the same time.
Security you can rely onEasyWebinar Live engine is powered by DOLBY technologies. DOLBY service is encrypted using industry standard protocols.

How to Change EasyWebinar Background

Webinar Types

With EasyWebinar, I can host various types of webinars, like live webinars and pre-recorded content. The platform allows me to have multiple presenters in a single webinar, making it more engaging and informative for my audience. The pro version gives me the ability to record my webinars, so I can share them later or use them to create evergreen content.

Advanced Webinar Tools

EasyWebinar offers advanced tools that help me deliver high-quality webinars. The audio and video streaming quality is top-notch, ensuring my audience enjoys a seamless experience. I can also utilize real-time chat and Q&A features to interact with my viewers and answer their questions, enhancing engagement and providing more value.

Engagement Features

One of the standout features of EasyWebinar is its engagement tools like polls and live chat, which allow me to interact with my audience and foster a sense of community. The webinar room is designed to facilitate interaction, making it easy for me to manage the flow of conversation and address any concerns or queries.

Integration with Other Software

EasyWebinar provides seamless integration with various marketing tools, making it easier for me to manage my campaigns and improve efficiency. By connecting EasyWebinar with other platforms, I can streamline my workflows, gather valuable insights, and make data-driven decisions to boost the success of my webinars.

EasyWebinar Pricing and Plans

As someone who has researched EasyWebinar, I can confidently share information about their pricing plans, which cater to businesses of different sizes and needs. EasyWebinar offers two main plans: Standard and Enterprise.

Easywebinar pricing and costs

The Standard plan provides unlimited live and automated webinars, with a maximum of 100 attendees per event. This plan is ideal for small businesses or individuals who are just getting started with webinars.

On the other hand, the Enterprise plan accommodates a larger audience, allowing up to 500 attendees per webinar, and includes additional features such as more hosts, increased email integrations, and priority support. These features make the Enterprise plan perfect for those who need to scale their webinars.

There are discounts available if you choose to pay annually instead of monthly. By choosing an annual payment cycle, you can save a significant amount on the overall cost of your subscription.

EasyWebinar’s pricing plans are designed to accommodate a variety of needs and budgets, offering a range of features and capabilities. It’s important to choose the right plan based on the size of your audience and the specific features you need for your webinars. Whether you’re just starting out or need to scale your webinars significantly, EasyWebinar has flexible options to meet your requirements.

Running a Webinar with EasyWebinar

I found that running a webinar with EasyWebinar is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive interface and feature-packed platform. The live engine ensures smooth streaming, significantly reducing any chances of technical glitches. With robust report generation capabilities, I can easily analyze the performance and engagement levels throughout the webinar.

One aspect I appreciate is the capacity to accommodate a large number of live attendees. This functionality demonstrates how EasyWebinar is tailored to effectively cater to both small and large-scale online events. I also discovered that the platform supports simultaneous attendees, allowing me to conduct multiple webinars at once without sacrificing the performance of each event.

Organizing my sales funnels during the webinar was also a seamless experience. EasyWebinar offers numerous customizable templates and features to create compelling webinar registration and sales pages. This has undoubtedly aided me in capturing leads and increasing my conversions.

Moreover, I was genuinely impressed by the interaction tools provided by EasyWebinar. The Q&A feature made it easy for the attendees to ask their questions and receive prompt responses. The chatbox, on the other hand, fostered a collaborative and engaging environment for the entire audience.

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In conclusion, EasyWebinar has immensely enhanced my webinar experience with its diverse array of features and tools. The live engine, report generation, live attendee support, sales funnels, Q&A, simultaneous attendees, and interaction capabilities make it a go-to choice for conducting webinars in a professional and efficient manner.

Analyzing Performance with EasyWebinar

As a user of EasyWebinar, I find it essential to keep track of its performance to ensure the success of my online events. One of the critical aspects of the platform is its analytics feature, which provides key insights into attendees’ behavior and event success.

I benefit from the real-time analytics data, allowing me to monitor attendee rates and the overall performance during the live sessions. This feature helps me understand my audience’s interests and preferences, which in turn enables me to cater to their needs better.

How do the Easywebinar features perform

Besides, EasyWebinar’s detailed post-event analytics give me a clear picture of areas that need improvement. By evaluating the user engagement metrics, like chat participation, poll responses, and Q&A interactions, I am able to identify gaps and make necessary adjustments for future webinars.

Furthermore, tracking ROI with EasyWebinar is simple, thanks to its marketing and conversion tracking. I can measure the effectiveness of promotional activities and evaluate the revenue generated from my webinars. This feature is particularly helpful in determining how well my strategies are working and making informed decisions to maximize revenue.

In conclusion, EasyWebinar’s analytics features play a crucial role in optimizing the performance of my webinars and overall marketing efforts. By providing me with valuable insights into attendee behavior, user engagement, and ROI, I am empowered to create highly effective webinars that resonate with my audience and drive significant results.

Customer Support and Resources

In my experience with EasyWebinar, I found their customer support to be quite reliable and efficient. They have a responsive team that addresses issues quickly, ensuring that customers can make the most out of the platform’s features. The support team can be reached through various channels, like the dedicated support page where users can submit tickets for assistance.

In addition to their customer support service, EasyWebinar provides an extensive knowledge base to help users navigate the platform with ease. This resource contains articles, tutorials, and guides that cover a wide range of topics, from basic setup to more advanced features.

Moreover, I discovered that their webinars offer valuable insights into the platform’s functionalities, allowing me to learn new techniques and strategies to maximize the potential of EasyWebinar. Many users, including myself, appreciate these educational resources that enable us to make the most out of our webinars.

In general, I can confidently say that EasyWebinar offers a comprehensive user experience that is backed by a knowledgeable and dedicated customer support team, as well as a rich selection of helpful resources.

EasyWebinar vs. Competitors

As someone who has used various webinar platforms, I can confidently share my thoughts on how EasyWebinar compares to some of its competitors.

EasyWebinar offers a robust set of features for both live and automated webinars, making it a strong contender in the market.

When considering alternatives, Demio is a notable competitor that often comes up.

In my experience, Demio offers a user-friendly interface, seamless integration with popular marketing tools, and reliable customer support.

Testing Easywebinars features against the competition

Demio’s main advantage lies in its ease of use, making it ideal for those who may be new to hosting webinars or businesses that require a platform with a minimal learning curve.

However, EasyWebinar also offers competitive pricing and a comprehensive feature set, including automated and evergreen webinars, which may be a priority for some users.

Comparing EasyWebinar to other popular webinar platforms like Webinar Ninja or GoToWebinar, I’ve noticed that each solution has its strengths.

Webinar Ninja is praised for its real-time chat feature, and GoToWebinar has been a long-standing favorite for its solid performance in the industry.

Nonetheless, EasyWebinar’s distinguishing factors include the flexibility in creating different types of webinars such as live or automated webinars and its range of marketing tools.

Finally, considering the broader landscape of webinar software, there are several other options worth mentioning.

Platforms like ClickMeeting, Zoom Events and Webinars, BigMarker, and Livestorm have established themselves as strong competitors.

Each offers unique features tailored to different user needs, such as ClickMeeting’s focus on ease of access for attendees and Livestorm’s emphasis on automation.

🎙 Who Uses EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar customer reviews
👤 Rick MulreadyOnline Marketing Expert
👥 Jessica Catorc & Andrew GuttormsenTeachable
👤 Susie MooreAuthor/Lifecoach
🐤 Chiirp (Ryan Fenn)CEO and Founder of Chiirp
🔥 John Lee DumasEntrepreneur On Fire
👤 Jason CarusoOnline Marketing Expert
🚀 Ryan LeeFounder of Freedym
🌷 April and Eric PerryLearnDoBecome.com
🎓 Chris FarrellChrisFarrellOnline.com
🗂 Marcia Ramslandorganizingpro.com

EasyWebinar Customer Reviews and Testimonials.

I got a 166% ROI on my EasyWebinar webinar!

Rick Mulready


In my experience with EasyWebinar, I found it to be a versatile and user-friendly platform for hosting both live and automated webinars. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes, with features that effectively boost sales and marketing efforts.

I particularly appreciated EasyWebinar’s interactive tools, such as live chat, polls, and offers that allowed me to engage my audience and create a more dynamic experience. The platform also provides valuable analytics and insights into webinar performance and attendee behavior, which helped me to improve my presentation strategies.

One of the major advantages of EasyWebinar is its seamless integration with other marketing tools for improved efficiency. This feature made it possible for me to streamline my marketing processes and reach a broader audience.

However, it’s also worth noting that there are various other webinar platforms available in the market. While EasyWebinar has worked well for me, it’s essential to assess your own business needs and consider various platforms before making an informed decision.

In conclusion, I would recommend this platform for businesses looking to enhance their webinar marketing efforts while leveraging the benefits of live interaction and audience engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pros and cons of EasyWebinar?

In my experience with EasyWebinar, I’ve found that it offers powerful audience interaction tools, which are useful for both live and automated webinars. However, the setup interface might seem outdated to some people, as noted in this review. It’s important to weigh these factors when considering EasyWebinar for your business.

How does EasyWebinar compare to Zoom?

While both platforms offer webinar capabilities, there are some differences between them. EasyWebinar focuses on webinar hosting and marketing with features such as automated webinars, whereas Zoom is primarily a video conferencing tool with a webinar add-on. Regarding user experience, I believe EasyWebinar has a 4.3 out of 5 rating, while Zoom has a separate rating for its Video Webinars and Meetings products.

What features make EasyWebinar stand out?

I find that EasyWebinar’s strength lies in its combination of live and automated webinar features. It allows you to create evergreen webinars that can be re-used, saving time and effort. Additionally, EasyWebinar offers audience interaction tools and integrates with various marketing tools, making it an effective solution for businesses aiming to reach a large audience, as detailed in this guide.

How effective are EasyWebinar’s automated webinars?

Automated webinars on EasyWebinar can be highly effective, as they allow you to create a predefined workflow, including audience interaction and follow-up emails. This helps maintain audience engagement and allows for easier scaling, especially when targeting a larger audience. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to have engaging and valuable content for your automated webinars to be successful.

What are the differences between live and automated webinars on EasyWebinar?

The primary difference between live and automated webinars on EasyWebinar is the level of interaction. Live webinars allow real-time communication between presenters and viewers, fostering a greater sense of immediacy and connection. Automated webinars, on the other hand, are pre-recorded and can be scheduled to broadcast at set times, allowing for greater flexibility and scalability. Both formats have their benefits, and choosing one depends on your needs and goals.

Which is more suitable: WebinarJam or EasyWebinar?

The choice between WebinarJam and EasyWebinar depends on your specific requirements and preferences. WebinarJam is known for its high-quality streaming and robust chat features, while EasyWebinar offers a more comprehensive suite of webinar marketing tools, with both live and automated webinar options. To make an informed decision, I recommend thoroughly evaluating the unique features, pricing, and integrations of both platforms in relation to your business goals.


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