Demio Webinar: An Honest Review

In the wake of social distancing and community lockdowns because of the covid-19 pandemic, webinars became common for people to communicate.

Having a webinar platform focused on marketing can help improve your relationship with your customers, and the Demio webinar solution is one of the best tools to help you. It allows you to run live, automatic, or scheduled webinars without training or high expenses.

If you are wondering whether Demio is the right platform to host webinars for your business, this Demio review might have the answers you need.

We explain all about Demio, including its features, detailed pricing guide, and how to set up a webinar platform.


What is the Demio webinar?

Details about Demio webinar solution

Demio is a webinar solution that makes registering, attending, and revisiting a webinar easy. It is among the popular webinar platforms available today, offering a modern and powerful platform.

Throughout the pandemic, Demio has thrived, adapted, and kept up with the growing needs of marketing teams being forced online.

This platform is ideal for marketing campaigns, especially if you want to host live and automated events. It suits marketing teams who want a dedicated webinar tool with automated replays and live events.

Whether your goals are lead generation or brand awareness, the Demio webinar solution can be a good fit for your business.

Marketing heavyweights all over the world have been using this platform. It is primarily designed to help businesses create, launch and manage live, automated, or recorded webinars to improve engagement with their clients.

The software comes with all the tools you need to host excellent and result-driven webinars.

How do I join the Demio webinar?

How to join demio webinar

Demio has a streaming technology called webRTC, which is browser-based that doesn’t require any downloads. This platform allows people to sign up once for an ongoing series of webinars.

The best thing about the Demio webinar is that you don’t have to download any software to join a live webinar. It provides a no-download webinar experience for your audience with all the marketing tools needed to generate better results. You only need a browser, and you are ready.

Make sure you have successfully registered for an event before joining. Once you register, you get an email with the unique join link. If you can’t find the link, contact the webinar host directly to get access.

You can use it directly in any supported browser on Android or iOS platforms. If the webinar has not started, you’ll go into a waiting room with a countdown to the start time. 

You can join natively from an Android through your favorite browser. Anyone joining an event on Android can join directly through a unique join link. Open the link on your device, and you will enter directly to the webinar room.

If you have an iOS system, you can join an event through a unique joining link. Alternatively, launch your browser manually by copying and pasting the link. 

Can you charge for webinars on Demio?

Can you charge for webinars on Demio?

Demio doesn’t have a native paid webinar feature. Hence, there is no option to charge for webinars on Demio. However, there are ways you can get around charging for webinars on Demio.

For example, you can use Zapier to set up paid webinars with Demio. Create a zap in Zapier to auto-register anyone who buys your products. It allows the attendants to automatically register for the webinar when they purchase a product instead of going through the registration process.

Start by setting up the actual payment settings through your preferred payment, such as PayPal. After that, create a package or product that people will buy to access your webinar. If you want to change for webinars on Demio, host your checkout page on your website.

Free vs. paid Demio.

Demio comes with three pricing packages and a separate 14-day free trial offer. The free trial helps determine if Demio fits your business needs. Get to the Demio official website and clock on the ‘get started free’ button to register for a free trial.

You will need to fill out basic details on creating an account with Demio. Once created, you will use it for 14 days with 20 attendee room sizes and a one-hour session limit.

During the free-trial period, you can learn and familiarize yourself with Demio features, so it becomes easy to use the tool when you subscribe.

For example, Demio has extensive marketing tools and allows a thorough onboarding. It also has a simple design that’s user-friendly to help you grow your business without depending on technical experts. 

The free trial has all the features included in the growth plan but is limited to 20 attendees and a one-hour session limit. You will get customer support, live events, automated events, email branding, and custom form fields.

You’ll run high-quality video and audio without delay, creating the confidence to satisfy the audience with the experience. The only limitation of this free trial is the size of the room, which is limited to 20 attendees, and the session duration, which is just one hour. 

After the expiry of a 14-day free trial period, you’ll need to subscribe to the packages. The pricing is flexible for any business with an option to get a nice discount.

Demio has three pricing plans: a starter plan at $49 per month, a growth plan at $99 per month, and a business plan at $234 per month. It offered a 50% discount for non-profit and educational companies forced to run their operations online because of coronavirus.

At $49 per month, this starter plan allows for 50 attendees per room. It fits small businesses getting started with webinars. The features of a starter pack include a three-hour session limit, life events, and one host.

With the growth plan, you get up to 150 attendees per room. It has everything from the starter plan, including a 5-hour session limit, custom foam filters, room, and email branding, and automated and live events.

You have up to 500 attendees for the webinar in the business plan. It’s perfect for growing companies that need a bigger room size and dedicated support. It comes with priority support, an 8-hour session limit, and foremost.

These paid plans have standard features such as unlimited storage, sessions, registrations, and room engagement tools. You can also get more helpful features such as advanced event setup, detail insights, and customizable registrant options. 

What are the benefits of Demio vs. other webinar solutions?

about demio

Demio provides a lot of advanced video conferencing features compared to other webinar solutions. Unlike other platforms, Demio offers both automatic and live webinars. There is also an option for hybrid mixes of pre-recorded and live recordings.

The platform provides a limit of three active webcams while allowing you to host up to four presenters. You can enjoy HD video streaming, video recording, screen sharing, live chat, and pre-recorded presentations, among other features.

On this platform, you can launch live training videos, workshops, or any other form of a live webinar. The platform allows you to run interactive boards, launch offers with a call to Action button, and share live document handouts throughout a webinar. You can also run a Q&A during a live webinar session.

Other benefits include the option to embed links to registration pages on your landing pages or website. The software allows you to send automatic email invitations and notifications for upcoming events. It Integrates with other third-party solutions such as PayPal, Slack, GetResponse, and Zapier, among others.

Step by step guide on using Demio the first time

Step by step guide on using Demio the first time

Demio is user-friendly, whose primary focus is lead generation. You can use it to design and share customized webinar registration pages with your audience.

There are several steps to take in ensuring you get the most out of running successful events on the platform. Here’s a deeper look into everything about using Demio to run events. 

Before the webinar:

  1. Make sure you upload all materials ahead of time.
  2. Upload video or presentation directly to the webinar room. You can duplicate your event and complete a rehearsed test run.
  3. If you want an optimal experience with Demio, make sure you close all tabs and applications, then do a quick restart. If you have issues with joining the event, try restarting your computer, then join in incognito mode.

During the webinar:

  • The host can remove any unwanted attendees from the room if they’re not supposed to be there by clicking on the ‘ban attendee’ tab. This feature allows the admin to manage attendees better during the event. 
  • You can also use the questions feature to take questions from the audience. Use the live chat feature to communicate in real-time and engage with your attendee.

After the webinar:

  • Add a call to action at the end of your webinar. Start by creating a stellar landing page. It is the first place your customer or prospect lands when learning something about your business. 
  • You can send out polls to collect data on your presentation and some way, their answers. Demio has options to create a personalized experience with the audience. It provides white-label capabilities to personalize webinar rooms using custom logos, colors, and themes to establish the brand identity.


Webinars are powerful tools to help you grow your business online. Demio is a popular webinar solution that provides a simple, no-download webinar experience for the audience.

It’s one of the best all-in-one webinar software for anyone planning to host more webinars for their business. It has tools to help organize us make every event uniquely their own.

You can insert your branding and customize the details to optimize the event for business growth. This Demio review has highlighted everything about the platform.