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BigMarker Pricing
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BigMarker is a comprehensive webinar platform that offers a variety of features and plans to accommodate businesses of all sizes and types. Known for its ability to host live and on-demand webinars with robust engagement tools, BigMarker has attracted a vast audience seeking an effective solution for their virtual events and webinars. As pricing is an essential aspect for potential users, it’s crucial to delve into the various pricing options to determine the best choice for your organization.

With numerous plans and packages available, BigMarker ensures that its users have the flexibility to select the most suitable option based on their needs and budgets. From basic plans to more advanced enterprise solutions, BigMarker offers a spectrum of pricing structures designed to meet diverse requirements. Additionally, trial and demo options are provided to help users better understand the platform’s capabilities before committing to a particular plan.

Key Takeaways

  • BigMarker offers a range of pricing plans catering to various organizational needs and budgets
  • The flexibility in pricing options ensures a suitable choice for every type of business or individual user
  • Trial and demo options enable users to experience BigMarker’s capabilities before making a decision

Overview of BigMarker

As a professional in the digital event industry, I’ve come across various webinar platforms, and one that stands out is BigMarker. BigMarker is a versatile and powerful platform designed to empower innovative companies to host and manage their virtual events. From live webinars to on-demand webinars, this platform has all the features needed to engage audience and drive success in the digital realm.

showcasing different tiers of BigMarker Pricing

When it comes to accommodating audience sizes, BigMarker does not disappoint. The platform can handle different numbers of attendees, ranging from a few hundred to even 10,000 live attendees. This flexibility is a game-changer for enterprise-grade companies that require a scalable and reliable solution for their webinars and virtual events.

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In addition to live webinars, BigMarker also offers Simulive and Evergreen options, allowing organizations to record and reuse webinar content for increased flexibility and efficiency. These on-demand webinars can significantly extend the reach of your events, since they’re accessible to your audience anytime and anywhere.

One aspect that truly sets BigMarker apart is its ease of use. Being a web-based platform, no downloads are required to start using it. This feature is particularly advantageous in situations where attendees might not be allowed to install software on their devices, or simply prefer a seamless experience without the need for additional installations.

BigMarker is not only about webinars; it also offers various features for virtual events, including chat rooms, polls, and Q&A sessions that help foster engagement and interaction with the audience. Moreover, the platform provides an extensive set of analytics and reporting tools to help businesses track the success and performance of their events.

In terms of pricing, BigMarker offers various plans that cater to different budgets and needs. For instance, the Elite Plan is priced at $189 per month and accommodates up to 500 attendees with 2 host licenses, while the Premier Plan goes up to $399 per month for 1000 attendees and 3 host licenses.

As a professional who has used BigMarker extensively, I can confidently say that this platform has the essential features, scalability, and ease of use necessary for hosting and managing successful webinars and virtual events in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

Detailed Look at BigMarker Pricing

As I dive into BigMarker pricing, it’s clear that there are various plan options tailored to individual needs and budgets. Starting with their free trial, it gives you an opportunity to explore the platform and determine if it’s the right fit for you.

Upon completion of the free trial, you can choose from four main packages with different features:

  1. Starter Plan – Priced at $99 per month, it suits those who are just starting out or have smaller teams.
  2. Elite Plan – Aimed at those who require more room for growth, it is priced at $189 per month with 500 attendees and 2 host licenses.
  3. Premier Plan – Businesses with larger needs can opt for this plan, pricing at $399 per month, featuring 1000 attendees and 3 host licenses.
  4. Custom Plan – For those who require specific features or more significant capacity, BigMarker also offers customized plans, for which you may need to request pricing.

In addition to the mentioned packages, there is also an affordable single-host license for those who need it. Each plan comes with its own set of features and capabilities, catering to different user requirements.

In terms of payment processing, BigMarker charges a 5% transaction fee on each webinar purchase, and you retain 95% of the earnings. The transaction fee covers credit card network and payment gateway costs, while ensuring smooth and secure transactions for users.

Overall, BigMarker provides a pricing structure that caters to a diverse range of needs. Whether you’re a small business owner, a growing enterprise, or an individual hosting webinars, you can find a plan that meets your unique requirements.

Are the Features worth the cost of BigMarker

Key Features of BigMarker

Webinar and Event Tools

BigMarker offers a variety of tools for hosting webinars and virtual events. With its platform, I can host events for up to 1,000 live attendees and conduct live and on-demand webinars. The service also allows me to share up to 9 webcams, ensuring a comprehensive video experience. Furthermore, BigMarker provides screen, file, and video sharing features, making it easy for me to showcase presentations and engage with my audience effectively.

Interactivity and Engagement Tools

Engagement is essential for a successful webinar or event. BigMarker offers several tools to promote interactivity, such as live chat, polls, Q&A, and handouts. These features help attendees participate and contribute to the conversation. Additionally, the platform supports electronic hand raising and breakout rooms, allowing for more focused and intimate discussions among smaller groups.

Branding and Customization Options

BigMarker understands the importance of branding and offers customization options to match my business identity. The platform gives me access to premium landing page templates and allows me to create branded landing pages, emails, and registration forms. This ensures a consistent look and feel across my events and marketing materials, reinforcing my brand identity and creating a cohesive experience for attendees.

Integration Capabilities

To streamline my workflows and improve efficiency, BigMarker offers integration capabilities with various tools and services. These integrations help me manage my events, automate processes, and analyze data more effectively. For example, I can integrate with Hubspot to manage my registration and ticketing data, or use the platform’s automation features to schedule and customize emails or track my webinars series and ticket sales.

In conclusion, BigMarker provides a comprehensive suite of features and tools designed to help me host interactive and engaging webinars and virtual events. With options for customization and integration, I can create a unique and branded experience that meets the needs of my audience and business.

Additional BigMarker Offerings

Monetization Opportunities

As a BigMarker user, I can take advantage of the platform’s monetization opportunities, which include setting up pop-up offers and integrating with payment gateways like Stripe and This means I can generate revenue from my webinars by charging attendees or sponsors and keep 95 cents of every dollar, as there’s a 5% transaction fee (source).

Onboarding and Support

With BigMarker, I appreciate the dedicated support team available to guide me through the onboarding process. From setting up my account to creating a customizable landing page, the support team is available to help me get started. When I need assistance, I can rely on BigMarker’s customer support and named account manager for timely assistance.

Training and Best Practices

One of the notable offerings of BigMarker is its commitment to providing training and best practices for users like me. Not only can I access live event monitoring and full-featured analytics, but I can also benefit from the various resources, like webinars, blogs, and guides that BigMarker provides. These materials help me understand how to optimize the networking center, expo hall, and other features within the platform. This support helps me become more skilled in using BigMarker to its fullest potential while enhancing my overall event experience.

BigMarker Plans and Packages

Single Host License

As someone who has researched BigMarker’s pricing plans, I can assure you that their basic package caters to small and medium-sized businesses just starting to host webinars and virtual events. The basic plan includes up to 1,000 live attendees and comes with one host license. With this plan, you’ll be able to share up to 9 webcams, host live & on-demand webinars, and stream your content on platforms like Facebook & YouTube. To enhance your audience engagement, you can utilize the chat, polls, Q&A, and handouts features. Screen, file, and video sharing, as well as recording and pop-up offers, are also included. You’ll need to request a quote for the basic plan on their website.

Multi-host Licenses

If you need additional host licenses, BigMarker offers advanced pricing plans. One of their packages, the Elite Plan, comes at $189 per month and supports 500 attendees with 2 host licenses. Another option is the Premier Plan, which gives you the ability to host up to 1,000 attendees and comes with 3 host licenses for $399 per month. For businesses with more specific needs, there’s also a White Label Plan with custom pricing.

In conclusion, when choosing a subscription plan on BigMarker, consider whether a single host license or multi-host licenses would best suit your needs. The basic plan offers a solid foundation for small and medium-sized businesses, while the Elite, Premier, and White Label plans provide more flexibility and scalability.

users discussing the value for money with BigMarker Pricing

Thought Leadership and Resources

As a BigMarker user, I have access to a wide range of resources to help me establish my thought leadership and host successful webinars. With my subscription, I get a channel where I can host unlimited live and on-demand webinars, giving me the flexibility I need to cater to different audience preferences and time zones.

One of the features I enjoy is the ability to host evergreen webinars, which allows me to create and automate content that remains relevant over time. This way, I can provide value and insights to my audience without constantly coming up with new material.

In addition to webinars, I can also host hybrid events using BigMarker. These events combine live, virtual, and in-person presentations, providing a seamless and engaging experience for my attendees. This capability is perfect for when I want to expand my reach and connect with new audiences.

BigMarker also offers guided tours and various resources to explore. This includes a dedicated media hub that contains expert advice, webinars, articles, and blogs, all geared towards helping me become a better thought leader. As an added bonus, they offer a certification program which enhances my credibility and showcases my mastery of the platform to potential clients.

In conclusion, my BigMarker subscription has been instrumental in helping me establish and grow my thought leadership in my field. With access to excellent resources, features, and support, I feel confident in hosting webinars and events that attract the right audience and demonstrate my expertise.

BigMarker Audiences and Attendees

As an event host using BigMarker, I find that managing my audience and attendees is as seamless as it can get. With the ability to accommodate up to 1,000 live attendees in a single event, I can efficiently cater to a considerable crowd without worrying about technical limitations.

A critical aspect of BigMarker’s services is its full-service registration. This comprehensive registration system allows me to manage my event attendees effectively by providing a streamlined process for them to register. Attendees appreciate the ease of use, and I get to focus on preparing for and delivering the event without dealing with any significant registration-related concerns.

During my events, I can engage with my audience and attendees through various interactive features. These include live chat, polls, and Q&A sessions, making it possible for me to connect with my audience and gauge their reactions in real-time. This feedback loop proves invaluable for adapting my content on the go and ensuring a satisfactory experience for everyone involved.

Another notable advantage of using BigMarker for managing my event audiences is the post-session surveys. These surveys enable me to gather attendee feedback systematically, allowing me to understand the impact of my event and identify areas for improvement.

In conclusion, BigMarker’s various features and capabilities have streamlined audience and attendee management for me. With the capacity for ample live attendees, seamless full-service registration, interactive elements, and valuable post-session insights, I can feel confident about utilizing BigMarker for hosting successful events and webinars.

Trial and Demo Options

BigMarker offers a free trial to give users like me a chance to explore their platform before committing to a monthly plan. During this trial period, I can experience the features and functionalities that the platform offers for hosting webinars and virtual events.

Additionally, BigMarker provides an opportunity for users to request a demo of their webinar software. By booking a demo, I can have a deeper understanding of the platform’s capabilities and how it can cater to my specific needs. This guided tour with an expert will enable me to make a well-informed decision before investing in the software.

Furthermore, if I have any questions or need assistance during the trial or demo process, BigMarker has a “Chat with us” feature available on their website. The support team is ready to help users like me navigate the platform and address any concerns.

In summary, BigMarker’s trial and demo options give me a comprehensive view of their webinar software. With the free trial, request a demo, and accessible support, I can confidently decide whether or not BigMarker is the right choice for my webinars and virtual event needs.

Special Features for Sales and Marketing

When it comes to sales and marketing, BigMarker offers a range of features to help drive engagement and boost conversions. For example, I can connect my webinars directly to Facebook and YouTube, expanding my reach to potential customers. With the YouTube Live integration, I can also benefit from increased audience engagement through real-time chat functionality.

Moreover, BigMarker’s subscription and portal options enable me to create a more personalized user experience for my attendees. This not only fosters a sense of community but also presents unique upselling opportunities through targeted special offers.

In addition to the numerous integrations and customizations available, the platform’s user-friendly interface allows me to focus on delivering high-quality content without getting bogged down in technical details. Overall, the combination of powerful sales and marketing tools with an intuitive design makes it an excellent choice for businesses seeking to optimize their online events strategy.

Of course, it’s important to weigh the costs and benefits of BigMarker’s pricing plans. Depending on your needs and budget, you may consider opting for either their Basic or Enterprise subscriptions1. Regardless of the plan you choose, you’ll have access to a wealth of value-added features that can contribute to increased engagement and improved sales results.

In summary, as a business owner or marketing professional, I can confidently say that BigMarker offers a robust set of sales and marketing features to help me achieve my goals. With Facebook and YouTube integrations, personalized subscription portals, real-time chat, and a range of special offers, I have the tools I need to create engaging and effective online events.

Looking on laptop Promotional discounts available for BigMarker annual subscriptions

BigMarker Reviews and Ratings

In my research, I found BigMarker to have fairly positive reviews from users and professional critics. BigMarker receives an overall rating of 8.8 and a user satisfaction rating of 100% on FinancesOnline. The reviews on G2 also speak highly of the platform, with a majority of users giving it 5 stars.

While analyzing the feedback, I noticed that users appreciate the platform’s ease of use and its web-based functionality. BigMarker requires no downloads and provides seamless webinar hosting, which is a boon for many users. The platform also stands out for its robust scheduling and calendar management features, contributing to its 5.0 rating for these aspects.

Regarding pricing, some users find it less impressive. However, it is important to note that though BigMarker offers multiple pricing plans, including a $399 per month Premier plan. Within these pricing options, many users found value for their money, contributing to its overall positive reviews.

In terms of customer support, BigMarker receives high ratings for its responsive and helpful team. Users appreciate the company’s willingness to listen to feedback and improve their platform accordingly.

To sum up, BigMarker is viewed positively across reviews for its easy-to-use interface, robust scheduling features, and excellent customer support. While its pricing may be a concern for some, many users find the platform worth the investment due to its rich feature set and reliability. The high overall ratings and user satisfaction percentages reflect BigMarker’s success as a competent webinar platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of BigMarker’s different plans?

As I mentioned earlier, BigMarker offers various pricing plans to cater to different needs. They have a Starter Plan that costs $99 per month. They also offer the Elite Plan at $189 per month, which accommodates up to 500 attendees and 2 hosts, and the Premier Plan at $399 per month for 1,000 attendees and 3 hosts. Keep in mind that these are just some examples; you can find more options based on your requirements.

Are there any discounts for annual billing?

Yes, discounts are often available for annual billing. While I couldn’t provide exact figures, opting for an annual billing cycle could potentially save you some money on your BigMarker subscription.

Which features are included in each pricing tier?

Each pricing tier is designed to accommodate different needs. For instance, the Basic plan includes up to 1,000 live attendees, 1 host license, and the ability to share up to 9 webcams. It also comes with features such as live and on-demand webinars, Facebook & YouTube Live integrations, and many more tools. As you move up to the Elite and Premier plans, you’ll get access to additional features and a higher number of host licenses and attendees. Be sure to check the specific pricing page for detailed information on each tier.

Is there a free trial available for BigMarker?

Yes, BigMarker does indeed offer a free trial for users interested in testing out their platform. This is a great way to determine if BigMarker’s features and tools adequately fulfill your needs before committing to a paid subscription.

Can I get custom pricing for enterprise solutions?

BigMarker does offer custom pricing for businesses that require tailored solutions. You can request a quote directly from their website to get more information on what they can offer based on your unique requirements and event size.

What additional costs may apply, such as integrations?

Additional costs may vary depending on the integrations you need for your enterprise solution. It’s crucial to inquire about what specific integrations you require and whether they’re included in your chosen pricing plan or come at an extra cost. By understanding your needs and discussing them with the BigMarker team, you can find the most cost-effective solution.


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