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BigMarker Integrations
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BigMarker is a modern webinar software platform that offers a wide range of features to help businesses connect with their audience, generate leads, and create revenue streams. One of the most powerful aspects of BigMarker is its extensive integration capabilities. By seamlessly connecting the platform to various CRM, marketing, email, and course systems, users can enhance their sales, marketing, and learning efforts.

Integrations allow users to effortlessly manage their webinars and events on BigMarker while simultaneously updating contact records and tracking data in their preferred CRM and marketing tools. This automation not only saves time but also ensures data accuracy and consistency across all systems. BigMarker produces even more value by enabling the creation of new revenue streams through event monetization, such as tickets, subscriptions, and sponsorships.

Key Takeaways

  • BigMarker offers extensive integration capabilities to enhance sales, marketing, and learning efforts.
  • Seamless CRM and marketing tool connections save time and ensure data consistency.
  • Integrations also enable new revenue streams through event monetization options.

BigMarker: An Overview

I have discovered that BigMarker is a comprehensive webinar platform offering various integrations to enhance its functionality. By connecting with leading CRM, marketing, email, and course platforms, users can smoothly integrate BigMarker into their sales, marketing, and learning stacks 1.

In terms of demand generation, the platform offers seamless integration with CRM and marketing tools, enabling businesses to create and share their webinars while capturing audience data more effectively 2. This capability allows users to design, build and execute impactful virtual events, including conferences, conventions, trade shows, town halls, and customer events 3.

In addition to its core features, BigMarker also promotes monetization opportunities through tickets, subscriptions, and sponsorships 2. By providing users with a platform to launch their own online community, it becomes an integral tool for creating revenue streams and fostering collaboration.

From my research, it is clear that BigMarker’s integrations are a crucial component of the platform, enabling seamless connections with various other tools and software. The overall functionality and flexibility of the platform make it a go-to choice for businesses looking to enhance their web presence and streamline their virtual events.

Key Features of Bigmarker

Overview of available BigMarker Integrations in the dashboard

Webinars and Events

BigMarker offers a comprehensive platform for hosting webinars and virtual events with more than 200 features to help make your online gatherings a success. I appreciate the flexibility in hosting live, on-demand, and automated webinars, making it easy to tailor the experience to my target audience.

Q&A and Offers

Engaging with participants is crucial in webinars and events. With BigMarker, I can manage Q&A sessions conveniently, allowing attendees to ask questions and share insights. Furthermore, the platform enables me to create custom offers and polls to gauge interest, collect feedback, and increase engagement throughout the event.

Screen Sharing and Recording

One of the most useful features I find in BigMarker is the ability to share my screen with attendees. This functionality makes it easy for me to present slides, demonstrate software, or walk participants through a process. Additionally, BigMarker provides recording capabilities, allowing me to capture the entire event for later viewing, sharing, or analysis. It’s a valuable feature that helps ensure my content reaches its full potential.

Deep Dive into Integrations

API and Webhooks

As a user of BigMarker, I find their API and webhooks as a powerful way to enhance my experience on the platform by connecting with other apps and services. This allows me to automate various tasks and processes that otherwise would have been cumbersome and time-consuming. By leveraging BigMarker’s API, I can access valuable data from my webinars, virtual events, and more, giving me the flexibility to tailor my integration solutions according to my needs.

Map Data Fields

One aspect of BigMarker that I appreciate is its ability to map data fields between the platform and my CRM or other marketing tools. This feature enables me to synchronize relevant information from my webinars to keep my contacts and leads up to date. By mapping data fields, I can ensure that the information being transferred is accurate and consistent, making it easier to track the progress of my marketing campaigns. This seamless integration with CRM platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, and ActiveCampaign is an invaluable tool for maintaining organized and efficient workflows.

Process of linking a CRM tool to BigMarker

Customizable Workflows

Finally, I value the customizable workflows provided by BigMarker. By integrating with services like Zapier, I can create event-driven automations that streamline my processes and enhance the efficiency of my virtual events. This flexibility allows me to tailor my workflows to fit my specific needs, whether I want to automate follow-up emails, save event registration data to a spreadsheet, or update my CRM with attendee information. The variety of options available in crafting these custom workflows is a testament to BigMarker’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and adaptable solution for users like me.

Integration with CRM Systems

As an expert in BigMarker integrations, I’ll outline some key CRM platforms that work seamlessly with BigMarker. These integrations help manage leads and contacts more efficiently, providing a more organized and accessible workflow.


By integrating Salesforce with BigMarker, I can sync my Salesforce account and webinar data to enhance lead nurturing and tracking. This enables me to:

  • Link webinar data to contact records in Salesforce
  • Streamline marketing and sales efforts for attendees


My Hubspot integration with BigMarker allows me to sync my registrants, attendees, and video viewers with Hubspot, utilizing the list and tagging system. This results in:

  • Better lead segmentation and nurturing
  • Easier follow-up and engagement with attendees


The ActiveCampaign integration with BigMarker enables me to:

  • Sync registrants, attendees, and video viewers with my ActiveCampaign lists
  • Utilize the already established tagging system for improved organization of leads
  • Simplify post-webinar engagement efforts


Integrating Marketo with BigMarker helps me maintain an organized database of leads and contacts, allowing for more effective communication and nurturing efforts. Benefits of this integration include:

  • Streamlined lead management
  • Enhanced marketing automation processes
  • Improved customer targeting and personalization
List of popular third-party apps compatible with BigMarker Integrations


By connecting Eloqua with BigMarker, I can optimize my lead nurturing process and better engage with my audience throughout their customer journey. The integration assists in:

  • Syncing and managing leads generated from webinars
  • Better organization and segmentation of contacts
  • Efficient tracking and follow-up for leads and customers

With these CRM integrations, I can enhance my BigMarker experience and make a more significant impact on my lead generation, nurturing, and post-webinar engagement efforts.

Integration with Event Platforms


Integrating BigMarker with Eventbrite is a seamless process that allows me to take full advantage of Eventbrite’s comprehensive event management features while hosting webinars and virtual events on BigMarker’s platform. With this integration, I can benefit from Eventbrite’s promotional tools, ticketing, and reporting functionalities alongside BigMarker’s webinar hosting and post-event analysis.

To integrate BigMarker with Eventbrite, I first log into my BigMarker webinar and navigate to the Integrations tab. I then select Eventbrite from the available options and enter my Eventbrite Private token found on my Eventbrite account. Once the integration is completed, I can enjoy a streamlined experience managing events and webinars on both platforms.

YouTube Live

BigMarker also offers integration with YouTube Live, enabling me to broadcast my webinars and events to a broader audience. By connecting my webinar to YouTube Live, I can leverage the extensive reach of YouTube’s platform and engage with viewers who may not have directly registered for my event.

To set up the integration, I must first create a live event on my YouTube account and obtain the Stream Key. Next, I navigate to the BigMarker webinar dashboard and enter the Stream Key in the designated field. Once connected, my BigMarker webinar will be simultaneously broadcasted on YouTube Live, creating an immersive and interactive experience for my audience on both platforms.

Incorporating these integrations into my event hosting strategy allows me to utilize the powerful features of Eventbrite, YouTube Live, and BigMarker, providing me with a comprehensive and effective approach to organizing, promoting, and executing webinars and virtual events.

Monetizing Your Webinars

I’ve found that BigMarker offers a variety of features to help me monetize my webinars effectively. From selling tickets to paid events to offering differentiated access to content, I’ve been able to create a revenue stream from my webinars.

One way I’ve been able to generate revenue is by offering both live and on-demand webinars. This flexibility allows me to reach a larger audience, including on-site attendees who may not be available during a scheduled live event. With BigMarker, I can also create customized landing pages to capture registrants, making it easy for me to track and manage my attendees.

In addition to live webinars, I’ve made use of BigMarker’s recurring and automated webinar features, which have helped me to capitalize on the evergreen content I have created. This way, I can continue to monetize my webinars even after their initial air date.

Another way I’ve boosted my revenue is by offering multiple tiers of access to my webinar content. This could include offering basic access to the live event, while providing additional features, such as exclusive Q&A sessions or bonus materials, for a premium price. This not only appeals to a wider range of potential attendees but also encourages attendees to invest in the higher-priced tiers for additional benefits.

Utilizing BigMarker’s integrations, I can also track my attendees’ interaction with my webinars and use that data to create more targeted marketing campaigns in the future. This helps me to improve my strategies for promoting and monetizing my webinars, ultimately generating more income from my efforts.

I’m confident that by using BigMarker’s features and leveraging their marketing capabilities, anyone can create a sustainable business model around their webinars. Just remember to stay flexible and creative in your approach, while always keeping the needs and interests of your audience in mind.

showcasing data flow between BigMarker and integrated tools

Automation with BigMarker

As someone who uses BigMarker for webinars and online events, I find the platform’s integration capabilities incredibly helpful for streamlining my workflows. In this section, I’ll talk about how I automate campaigns and handle data with BigMarker integrations.

Campaign Automation

BigMarker allows me to connect with various marketing automation tools, making it easy for me to manage my campaigns without getting bogged down in manual tasks. For example, by integrating BigMarker with Zapier, I can automate various processes, such as:

  • Creating email campaigns when new webinars are scheduled
  • Sending automated reminders to registrants
  • Tracking attendee engagement and updating lead scores

This automation has saved me a lot of time and has ensured that my marketing campaigns run smoothly.

Data Export and Mapping

Another advantage of using BigMarker integrations is the ease of exporting and mapping data. When I host webinars and online events, it’s essential to collect and analyze data, such as attendee engagement, behavior, and feedback, to improve future events and understand my audience better.

BigMarker’s integrations with CRM platforms like Salesforce make it simple for me to export and map my webinar data directly to the relevant contact records. By doing so, I ensure that all my event-related information is up-to-date and easily accessible in my CRM.

To sum it up, in my experience, BigMarker’s integration capabilities have made campaign automation and data exporting and mapping much more straightforward, allowing me to focus on delivering high-quality and engaging webinars and online events.

Enhancing Audience Experience

As an event organizer, it’s crucial for me to enhance the audience experience. One effective way to do this is by utilizing BigMarker’s integrations. With these integrations, I can simplify and streamline the event planning process, making it easier for attendees to engage with my content.

One useful integration I discovered is Hybrid Audience Engagement. This feature enables me to create an interactive environment for both my in-person and virtual attendees. By enabling this option, I can provide a QR code that attendees can scan to access the webinar or event on their devices, bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms.

Integrations with CRM and marketing automation platforms, such as Hubspot and Salesforce, allow me to manage my attendees more efficiently. With these integrations, I can capture registrations, push them to BigMarker, and easily export data back to my CRM platform to understand my audience better. This helps me create tailored content and a personalized event experience for each attendee.

BigMarker’s built-in marketing tools also offer me the opportunity to customize the audience experience and drive engagement. From webinar and event marketing tools to analytics, I can monitor my event’s performance and adapt my strategies accordingly.

In summary, using BigMarker’s integrations and marketing tools, I can elevate my audience experience, ensuring a high level of engagement for both in-person and virtual attendees. Offering an interactive and personalized experience will ultimately benefit both my event’s success and my relationship with my audience.

Registration Process

As an event organizer, one of the key aspects of my event planning process is efficiently managing registration and integrating it with a robust platform like BigMarker. Since BigMarker offers the most native integrations of any webinar or events platform, it has become my go-to choice for streamlining event registrations.

I have found that BigMarker’s integrations with CRMs such as Salesforce and HubSpot, as well as event registration platforms like Bizzabo and Cvent, offer a seamless experience for both my team and our registrants, leading to a smooth registration process overall. Additionally, they provide custom registration fields, including conditional fields and merge fields, that help me offer a personalized registration experience to my attendees.

Moreover, when I want to integrate BigMarker with a platform like Eventbrite, it becomes quite simple. I just select the Integrations tab within the BigMarker webinar hosting platform and choose Eventbrite. Then, under Eventbrite Account Settings, I enter my Eventbrite Private token, which can be found on my Eventbrite account.

Furthermore, I’m always looking for ways to improve my event experience and increase conversions. BigMarker’s integrations help me do just that, by simplifying and streamlining various aspects of event planning, such as registration, lead management, email communication, and more.

In conclusion, BigMarker integrations allow me as an event planner to achieve an efficient and personalized registration process for my attendees, ensuring their satisfaction and increasing conversion rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect BigMarker with other software?

Integrating BigMarker with various platforms is straightforward. You can seamlessly connect BigMarker to your sales, marketing, and learning stacks by using integration options provided for CRM, marketing, email, and course platforms. Simply navigate to the integrations section of your BigMarker account settings to get started.

What virtual event platforms can be integrated with BigMarker?

BigMarker offers a wide range of integration options, which allow it to work with leading CRM, marketing, email, and course tools. While specific platforms may change over time, you can always find the most up-to-date and relevant information on their Product | Integrations page.

How can I enhance my BigMarker webinars with additional integrations?

By integrating BigMarker with other platforms, you can improve your webinars and virtual events by automating tasks, streamlining registration, and tracking your audience’s behavior. For example, integrating BigMarker with your CRM tool can help you better manage your leads, while email marketing integrations can help you send automated emails to attendees.

Are there API options to develop custom integrations with BigMarker?

Yes, BigMarker offers API options to develop custom integrations. They provide a REST API that developers can use to integrate BigMarker with their own software applications. This allows for greater flexibility and customization, ensuring that your BigMarker experience works seamlessly with your unique requirements.

Can BigMarker work with CRM tools for better audience management?

Definitely! BigMarker can be integrated with popular CRM tools like Salesforce, allowing you to manage your audience better, automate data collection, and track user engagement. Once the integration is set up, all your CRM data will be synced with BigMarker, making it simple to monitor attendee activities and interactions.

Does BigMarker support email marketing integrations?

Yes, BigMarker supports email marketing integrations. By connecting your email marketing platform with BigMarker, you can automate email communication, track attendees’ interactions with your emails, and keep your audience engaged before, during, and after your webinars and virtual events.



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