BigMarker Breakout Rooms: Enhancing Virtual Collaboration

Breakout Rooms for BigMarker
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BigMarker breakout rooms offer an interactive and engaging way to divide webinar participants into smaller groups for focused discussions or collaborations. This feature allows hosts to create multiple virtual rooms within a single event, facilitating deeper connections and more personalized experiences for attendees. As virtual events and webinars are becoming more popular, ensuring your attendees feel engaged and connected is essential to the success of any online event.

Setting up breakout rooms on BigMarker is a seamless process with a user-friendly interface. Hosts can enable breakout rooms, configure their individual settings, and even broadcast messages to all rooms. During the webinar, hosts can effortlessly move attendees between rooms, bring them back to the main webinar room, and manage the overall experience. Recording and replaying breakout room discussions are also possible, making it convenient for attendees who missed out or want a recap of the discussions.

Key Takeaways

  • BigMarker breakout rooms enhance attendee engagement through focused discussions and collaborations
  • Hosts can easily set up, configure, and manage breakout rooms within a single webinar event
  • Recordings of breakout room discussions can be made available for participants who missed out or want to revisit the content

Understanding BigMarker Breakout Rooms

As a user of BigMarker, I find that their breakout rooms are incredibly helpful for facilitating interactive discussions among audience members. Breakout rooms allow the host to divide a large audience into smaller groups to focus on specific topics or activities. This way, participants can engage more effectively by asking questions, sharing their opinions, and working together on projects.

A group of users collaborating in a BigMarker Breakout Room.

In my experience with BigMarker, I’ve discovered that these breakout rooms support collaborative learning and can foster a higher level of engagement. When I organize webinars or virtual events, I like to design my sessions to include a mix of presentations and breakout activities. I’ve found that this balance maintains participants’ interest while allowing them to interact and learn from one another.

To set up and configure a breakout room on BigMarker, I follow a simple process. First, I enable them in my event settings. Once this is done, I can customize the individual breakout room settings according to my needs. This might include assigning participants to specific rooms, or allowing them to join a breakout room of their choice during the live event.

During a live session, I can broadcast messages to all breakout rooms to provide further instructions or announce a time limit for group discussions. I also have the ability to reassign participants among rooms as needed, to ensure everyone is involved in an appropriate discussion.

Finally, when the breakout sessions conclude, I usually bring participants back to the main webinar room to regroup, share their experiences, and discuss any findings or conclusions from their group activities.

Being able to use BigMarker’s breakout rooms has significantly improved my online events’ interactivity and engagement levels. My audience members appreciate the opportunity to participate in deeper discussions and feel more connected with their peers.

As an organizer, I care about providing a valuable and enjoyable experience for my attendees, and with BigMarker’s breakout rooms, I can confidently achieve that goal.

How to Set Up Breakout Rooms on Bigmarker

Pre-Event Configuration

I find it essential first to enable the breakout rooms feature on BigMarker before the online event. To do this, I log in to my webinar and select the Manage Webinar tab. Next, I simply scroll down to find the Breakout Rooms option on the left side of the page1. Ensuring smooth configuration, I activate my session’s breakout rooms by toggling them from “OFF” to “ON.”

In-Event Setup

During the live event, activating the Breakout Rooms is necessary2. I access the Breakout Room Manager in my webinar room and create the desired number of breakout rooms. Following this, I assign attendees to their respective rooms. Furthermore, BigMarker allows me to broadcast messages to all breakout rooms and even reassign attendees during the live event.

Below are a few helpful tips I follow when setting up breakout rooms in the online event:

  • Communicate the objective and duration of the breakout session to attendees
  • Have a facilitator in each room to guide discussions and keep the conversation on track
  • Utilize timers to help attendees effectively manage their time in breakout rooms3
In-session tools available within BigMarker Breakout Rooms

Post-Event Follow Up

After the breakout sessions are done, I bring attendees back to the main webinar room4 to continue the event. I find it valuable to designate time during the event to debrief and discuss key takeaways from the breakout sessions. This ensures participants benefit from the insights shared and actively contribute to the overall goals of the online event on the Bigmarker platform.

To further enhance the event experience on the platform, I make a note of any technical issues or areas of improvement encountered during the breakout sessions. This information allows me to optimize future online events held on BigMarker and provide an even better experience for attendees.

Engaging Audience Through BigMarker Breakout Rooms

Interactive Polls

One of the most effective ways I engage my audience in BigMarker breakout rooms is by conducting interactive polls. These polls allow me to gather real-time feedback and opinions from the attendees, providing insights that can be used to drive in-depth discussions. In addition, polls help in breaking the ice and make participants feel involved in the conversation. It’s a great way for me to understand the perspectives of the audience and encourage active participation.

Q&A Sessions

Another essential element of audience engagement in BigMarker breakout rooms is the opportunity to hold Q&A sessions. This format not only fosters a sense of openness and collaboration but also allows attendees to clarify their doubts and questions about the subject matter. I always make it a point to allocate time for Q&A sessions during my breakout sessions, as it helps create a more interactive and engaging experience for everyone involved.

Networking Opportunities

Finally, BigMarker breakout rooms provide excellent networking opportunities for the participants. By splitting my audience into smaller groups, I can create an environment that promotes fruitful connections and discussions among the attendees. This approach offers them a chance to share their expertise, learn from others, and even form valuable professional relationships. It’s essential for me to facilitate these connections to fully leverage the benefits of BigMarker breakout rooms in my virtual events.

Recording and Replaying Breakout Room Discussions

As someone who uses BigMarker for online events, I find the breakout room feature quite helpful. It allows participants to engage in smaller, more focused discussions. But another important aspect to consider is recording and replaying these discussions. It enables those who missed the event or want to review the content to access these valuable insights.

When I create a webinar with breakout rooms on BigMarker, I always ensure that the recording option is enabled. To do this, I simply navigate to the “Manage Webinar” tab and make sure the “Recording” toggle is switched on. This ensures that not only the main webinar session but also the individual breakout room discussions are recorded.

Once the event is over and the recording is processed, I can easily access all the breakout room recordings from my BigMarker dashboard. These recordings are stored alongside the main webinar recording, allowing me to replay and review any session at my convenience. Additionally, if I need to share these valuable discussions with colleagues or participants, I can either share the recording link directly or download the video files.

It’s important to note that BigMarker only records breakout room discussions when the host has enabled the recording option. As a participant, if I am unsure whether my breakout room discussions are being recorded, I can check with the event host or simply follow the recording indicator within the room.

By providing comprehensive recording and replaying options, BigMarker ensures that valuable knowledge and insights shared during online events and breakout room discussions do not go unnoticed, and participants can continuously learn and collaborate even after the event has concluded.

User sharing feedback on BigMarker Breakout Room experience

Extending BigMarker Breakout Room Experience with Emails and Handouts

As I work with BigMarker breakout rooms, I recognize the importance of communication and providing additional resources to the audience. Using emails and handouts effectively can enhance the overall experience for attendees.

I have found that sending preparatory emails before the event helps to set expectations for attendees, clarify any procedural aspects, and encourage a sense of community within the breakout rooms. As a confident, knowledgeable presenter, I can leverage BigMarker’s email capabilities to send reminders and share instructions or presentation materials ahead of time.

During the event, I ensure that handouts are readily available to the audience. I prefer to create concise and well-designed documents that offer valuable information relevant to the discussion within the breakout rooms. They may include summaries, key points, reference materials, or even interactive worksheets to aid the learning and engagement of the participants. By offering such resources, I not only contribute to a more informative experience but also help attendees to retain practical knowledge after the event.

Once the breakout session concludes, follow-up emails can be an excellent way to maintain audience engagement. By summarizing the discussions, sharing materials that were not covered, and providing a platform for further Q&A, I keep up the momentum of the learning experience. These emails also give me a chance to collect feedback from attendees and analyze it to refine future breakout sessions.

In conclusion, by utilizing emails and handouts strategically, I extend the BigMarker breakout room experience beyond the virtual meeting environment. These additional touchpoints help facilitate dynamic and valuable interactions, ensuring participants of the breakout session feel heard and supported.

Leveraging BigMarker for Hybrid and Virtual Events

As someone who has organized various events, I can confidently say that BigMarker has consistently proven itself as a valuable tool for both hybrid and virtual events. In this section, let us explore how to effectively use BigMarker for virtual event planning and hybrid event execution.

Virtual Event Planning

When it comes to planning a virtual event, one of my top priorities is creating a captivating and engaging event microsite. With BigMarker, I can easily build highly-customizable landing pages designed to capture registrants and sell tickets. Additionally, I can customize the look, feel, and flow of the event using 15+ available modules provided by BigMarker.

Apart from the visual aspects, BigMarker’s virtual events platform enables me to engage attendees with thoughtfully-crafted networking experiences, integrating features such as speed networking, round tables, chat rooms, and filtered attendee search. These features allow attendees to connect and interact with each other, simulating the experience of attending an in-person event.

Hybrid Event Execution

Hybrid events, being a blend of in-person and online events, require careful coordination, and BigMarker has proven to be a great asset in such cases. One particular feature that I find highly beneficial is the ability to simultaneously stream live sessions to remote attendees via hybrid event software.

With BigMarker, I’m able to unify the in-person and virtual experiences, encouraging live attendees and virtual attendees to interact with one another, through various networking tools available on the platform. This fosters a sense of inclusiveness and enhances engagement at the event.

Moreover, BigMarker provides me with access to richer attendee and engagement data, making it easier to justify investments in the event and offer more opportunities for sponsorships. This is a valuable aspect, as sponsors appreciate the wider audience reach and the possibilities of connecting directly with virtual attendees through the platform.

Overall, as an event organizer, I consider BigMarker a vital tool for planning and executing successful virtual and hybrid events, thanks to its extensive features, customization options, and focus on enhancing attendee engagement.

Exploring BigMarker’s Interactive Features for Events

As a user of BigMarker for hosting online events, I have discovered several interactive features that make this platform stand out. One of the most engaging aspects of the platform is its breakout rooms, which are structured as live webinars. In these rooms, attendees can use webcams and microphones to communicate with each other and view presentations.

My experience with the live chat feature has been quite positive as well. Participants can engage in public chats with presenters and each other. I’ve found that this fosters increased engagement and networking opportunities among attendees.

As for surveys, BigMarker allows event hosts to create and distribute them during an event. I appreciate the platform’s ability to easily collect feedback from attendees in real time. This helps me better understand my audience’s needs and adjust my content accordingly.

I believe that BigMarker’s interactive features, such as webcams, microphones, live chat, and surveys, have greatly enhanced my online event experiences. The platform is a solid choice for those looking to create engaging and interactive virtual events.

BigMarker Breakout Rooms notes

Bigmarker’s Enterprise Solutions and SLA

In the Enterprise Solutions provided by BigMarker, I find that there’s a strong emphasis on fulfilling the needs of large-scale organizations. These solutions encompass more than just breakout rooms, offering a comprehensive set of features and tools aimed at ensuring maximum engagement and return on investment. Since I may require additional support for managing webinars and events, BigMarker acknowledges the importance of a dedicated Account Executive, who can guide me throughout my webinar journey and provide expert advice.

As a part of the Enterprise Solutions, there’s an excellent focus on analytics, which enables me to monitor and measure the impact of my webinars. Apart from the integrated reporting, I can access a variety of advanced analytics, which gives me valuable insights into my audience and helps me optimize my marketing and outreach strategies.

Another crucial aspect of BigMarker’s Enterprise Solutions is the Service Level Agreement (SLA). This ensures that I receive prompt and reliable service from BigMarker to maintain the highest level of quality during my webinars and events. The SLA is a guarantee for a specific level of performance, reliability, and support, providing me with peace of mind while using their platform. This commitment to exceptional service highlights the confidence that BigMarker has in meeting the demands of its enterprise clients.

The combination of all these enterprise-focused features, along with the added support from an Account Executive, a comprehensive SLA, and robust analytics tools, sets BigMarker apart as a highly effective and reliable platform for large-scale organizations. As an enterprise user, I am confident in the capabilities of BigMarker to deliver engaging webinars that help me expand my online presence and drive results.

Integrating BigMarker with Professional Networks and Media Hubs

As a professional who relies on various online platforms to stay connected, share ideas, and manage events, I’ve found it tremendously valuable to integrate BigMarker with some popular professional networks and media hubs. Here’s how I have managed to optimize my use of these platforms.

I started with LinkedIn, which is an essential tool for me to stay connected with colleagues and expand my professional network. By connecting my BigMarker account to LinkedIn, I was able to automatically share my webinars and events with my network on LinkedIn. This streamlined process not only saved me time but also helped me reach a wider audience.

Next, I focused on YouTube, given that it’s the go-to platform for video content. I integrated my YouTube channel with BigMarker, which allowed me to stream live webinars and events directly on YouTube. This seamless integration created a more accessible experience for my participants and made it easy for me to reach my target audience.

Another valuable integration was with Media Hubs like BigMarker’s Media and Video Hubs. These platforms provide customizable video libraries for user-generated or curated content, where I can host all my webinars and recordings, making them easily accessible for my audience, customers, and partners. I customized my media hub with my brand logo, colors, and decided which media types I wanted to showcase – an immersive, on-brand experience.

From my experience, the integration of BigMarker with professional networks and media hubs has boosted the visibility and effectiveness of my webinars, events, and online content. Ultimately, these smart connections have helped me stay organized and connected to my professional network.

Utilizing Breakout Rooms for Your Marketing Strategy

Engagement Statistics

As a marketer, I always strive to measure the success of my campaigns. One of the key aspects of any successful marketing strategy is audience engagement. BigMarker breakout rooms allow me to gather engagement statistics that provide insights into how users are interacting with my content. These statistics can help me understand the level of interest and involvement in my marketing presentations, helping me refine my approach and improve future campaigns.

Targeted Audience Segmentation

Another crucial component of a winning marketing strategy is audience segmentation. With BigMarker breakout rooms, I can easily create separate rooms for my attendees based on their interests or needs. This allows me to deliver tailored content, making the experience relevant and valuable for each individual participant. By doing this, I can ensure that my marketing message resonates with the right people, ultimately driving better conversions.

  • Understand audience needs and preferences
  • Customize content based on user segments
  • Improve the overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Sponsorship Opportunities

As a savvy marketer, I know that sponsorships can be an effective way to generate additional revenue and boost the visibility of my brand. BigMarker breakout rooms offer a fantastic platform for sponsorship opportunities. I can involve sponsors in my sessions, adding their logos, banners or even granting them speaking opportunities, which can be highly beneficial for both my brand and my sponsors. By strategically leveraging these opportunities, I can strengthen customer relationships, increase brand exposure, and improve my bottom line.

In summary, utilizing BigMarker breakout rooms is a powerful tool in my marketing arsenal. Through engagement statistics, targeted audience segmentation, and sponsorship opportunities, I can enhance my marketing efforts and achieve greater success in my campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create breakout rooms on BigMarker?

To create breakout rooms on BigMarker, first, you need to enable the Breakout Rooms feature. Then, you can configure the individual room settings. You will have the option to choose how many breakout rooms you want to create – up to 25 rooms at the same time. Once the rooms are configured, you can activate them during a webinar event. For more details, check this guide on creating breakout rooms.

Can participants be assigned to breakout rooms manually?

Yes, participants can be assigned to breakout rooms manually. To pre-assign participants to specific breakout rooms, you can use the “Pre-assign participants” option and select the rooms for each attendee as shown here.

Are there time limits for running breakout rooms?

You can set a timer for your breakout sessions using a countdown clock displayed at the top of the webinar room. This control helps hosts manage the duration of breakout rooms and notify speakers when their discussions are coming to an end. Please note that this feature is reserved only for Enterprise and Events Package plan holders, as stated by here.

Is it possible to record breakout room sessions?

BigMarker does not automatically record breakout room sessions. Recording breakout rooms might require using third-party tools or manually setting up recording in each room. It is essential to keep in mind any privacy or consent issues when recording breakout room sessions.

Can I share my screen in a BigMarker breakout room?

Yes, you can share your screen in a BigMarker breakout room. Just like in the main webinar room, sharing your screen in a breakout room allows you to present information, conduct demos, or collaborate with participants in a more engaging way.

Can hosts or moderators switch between different breakout rooms?

Hosts and moderators can switch between different breakout rooms to monitor activities and provide assistance as needed. It is crucial for hosts and moderators to communicate effectively during breakout room sessions to ensure smooth transitions between rooms and maintain attendee engagement.






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