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Things to know about AnyMeeting platform
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In a digital age with more webinars and online conferences, AnyMeeting is one of the major players. The video conferencing platform and communication tool from Intermedia has an attractive design and an easy-to-use interface.

You can use it to record the meeting, share the recording, and track those in the meeting. AnyMeeting is a great video conferencing platform for small businesses at a friendly price.

The whole app has a well-polished feel when you’re using it with other Microsoft products. The service handles all major operating platforms and has well-designed, easy-to-use collaboration tools. 

While platforms offer more collaboration tools or a higher count of meeting attendees, AnyMeeting is an excellent mix of function and price. This AnyMeeting review discusses some features of this video conferencing software compared to other competitors. 

What is the AnyMeeting app?

Features of AnyMeeting platform

AnyMeeting is a full-featured video conferencing and webinars tool with crystal-clear HD video and audio.

It’s a great tool for group meetings, collaborating with colleagues, consulting with clients, sales presentations, and product demos. You can use it to educate, train, and present information to other colleagues. 

The software is available on desktop and mobile devices, providing a platform for reliable and stress-free meetings anywhere. It works on macOS and Microsoft Windows on desktop and Apple iOS and Google’s Android and Chrome on the mobile site.

While it supports all the front-end operating systems, backend and app integration favors Microsoft most because it is a Microsoft partner. The services include screen sharing application sharing and text conferences for the free web conferencing service.

You can share the entire screen for more interactive meetings with meeting participants allowed to call out important points on a shared screen in real-time during a meeting. It comes with an artificial intelligence-powered smart assistant that handles all tasks such as automatic meeting transcription. 

You will have a simple experience leveraging AnyMeeting’s integration with Microsoft Office, making scheduling easier across identities. The integration is based around the Outlook email and scheduling client with a separate integration for Microsoft teams.

Small businesses can enjoy the add-in for Outlook that allows easy and seamless integration with the calendar. This feature allows you to schedule a meeting from Outlook that automatically has conferencing information in it for AnyMeeting.

It makes it easy to schedule a session from AnyMeeting that automatically shows up in the right Outlook calendars. 

How much does AnyMeeting cost?

AnyMeeting trial period

There are different pricing plans, including a free trial.

  • AnyMeeting lite charges $9.99 per user per month
  • AnyMeeting Pro charges $12.00 per user per month
  • AnyMeeting Enterprise charges $17.99 per user per month.

Free vs. paid option

Several paid plans are available, including free web meetings and a free trial. When you check the online price guide, you’ll find two versions before getting to the professional tire.

A free tire comes with a 30-day free trial designed to help individuals stay connected to family and friends during the pandemic. The free version is great for small meetings. You can find several features in the free tier available in the paid tier, such as mobile app support and Conference Bridge.

However, it limits you to four meeting participants, with the presenter counting as one. When using the free version, you must let AnyMeeting run ads in the screen’s margin. This ad in the margins will be a small price to pay if you avoid taking a monthly subscription. But it may be a problem for businesses that need to present a polished image.

Businesses are likely to start with the AnyMeeting Lite tier that charges 9.99 per user per month. It’s better than the free tier as it allows up to 10 meeting participants. Hence this pricing plan suits small businesses. It may be inadequate to what business users expect in collaboration tools and security features. 

Most small businesses will opt for the AnyMeeting Pro with a free 30-day trial. It costs $12.99 per user per month and supports 100 web participants. This pricing plan comes with up to 30 high-definition video participants and has the full suite of collaboration tools. You can use it to handle international conferences because of the heightened security features that make it compliant with the health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA).

There is also AnyMeeting Enterprise that charges $17.99 per user per month. This package supports up to 200 participants, and much is the Pro tire with the features.

It’s a brilliant choice for small and midsize businesses looking for a top-notch feature set with affordable pricing. This package also has a financial impact service legal agreement (SLA) and 24/7 customer support available from the application.

Security features

Security protocols on AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting uses DTLS and SRTP security protocols to keep audio and video from outside access. You can use video, audio, and screen sharing to market products and services to the audience without a security breach.

You have an option to lock the meeting using the meeting lock feature where no one else can join in disrupting the session. The video call security starts with a lock button.

While meetings lock after 5 minutes by default, you can do it manually if all your attendees are present and you want to prevent anyone else from joining. It is an important security feature regardless of the video conferencing platform you’re using.

Other security features include setting a password for the meeting and allowing the host to kick any participant out of a meeting. They complement the end-to-end encryption available at AnyMeeting’s Pro tire package.

Is AnyMeeting HIPAA compliant?

Yes, AnyMeeting encryption enables HIPAA-compliance using webRTC standards with SSL and DTLS for signaling and SRTP protocols for all data and media.

This means it can handle international conferences because of the heightened security features. It provides end-to-end encryption for all meetings using the webRTC standards with SSL security.

How does it fare vs. other popular video conference tools?

AnyMeeting is not the only option for video conferencing software. There are other alternatives such as Zoom, Webex Meetings, and GoToWebinar. People are looking for productive and user-friendly video conferencing software with hand raising, whiteboarding, and presentations. 

AnyMeeting stacks up to the competition in all sectors with excellent audio and video quality. The video quality features 720HD video conferencing with up to 12 webcams supported. They provide conference call numbers and PINs for participants to join by phone or computer.

There is a built-in meeting assistant with easy-to-use controls. The webinar host has full control over the session, including when to start, stop, and promote or remove attendees. 

AnyMeeting has all the features you need at a fraction of the competition’s price. The free version is better than Zoom’s free version because of the time limit Zoom imposes on free meetings. Compared to Zoom, whose basic plan is free, AnyMeeting video conferencing charges $9.99 per user per month.

It also has interactive collaboration tools and artificial intelligence capabilities. An icon allows you to add a virtual assistant to the meeting. The applied form of artificial intelligence generates transcripts and gathers insight.

You can record some meetings or host a live Q&A session to make your webinar interactive. Easily manage the audience questions with sorting and editing tools before addressing them live.

This software stands out in feature updates and roadmaps compared to other video conferencing options on the market. Customer support is also impressive where you can play a tutorial or go to the support page and file a ticket.

Customers can also open up a live chat feature right from the AnyMeeting’s client application to get help whenever needed. This is a pleasant feature you will not find in every competitor on the market.

While most competitors such as Webex Business and GoToMeeting offer easy meeting notes features, the features don’t have rich-text capability. AnyMeeting has a rich text-enabled not screen that stands out from the rest.

Also, AnyMeeting doesn’t have a cap on the length or quality of recordings you can produce as long as you have the Pro or Enterprise packages. This generous allowance is not available with other services.

For example, GoToMeeting only allows you to save the recording offline and distribute the video to other users manually unless you pay for the higher-level tiers.

How do you use AnyMeeting?

How to use AnyMeeting

You can use this software to provide training and presentations to other colleagues. It is easy to use and doesn’t need onboarding or training to start or join meetings.

Start by signing up for the account, which is a basic process of providing basic company information, administrators account credentials and payment methods. You can access all your basic account information and download what your users need with an account.

After launching the AnyMeeting app and log in, you will find an option to schedule a webinar meeting. It’s important to create a scheduled meeting in advance and ask people to join via the web browser, desktop app, or phone application.

As a webinar host, you have a personalized meeting URL that you can use for impromptu meetings. The URL is available on the paid packages. It makes it easy to share that URL and avoids confusion for any recurring meetings.

However, it can produce some overlap if you end up having back-to-back meetings. Someone trying to join early could catch unaware when they are denied entry to the previous meeting being in progress.

If you want to use AnyMeeting, you’ll have to follow the instructions in the email invitation you receive for conference calls. You get a link to the online meeting and the phone number and PIN to join via telephone in the invitation.

Each meeting has two basic views: a spotlight view that shows the active speaker as the largest window and a gallery view that displays everyone in the same box. You can view those in attendance along the left side of the screen. 

At the bottom screen, you can enable or disable the microphone and camera or share your entire screen. The webinar host can mute others during a session. This is the positive thing for meetings where there is constant background noise coming from someone who has stepped away from the camera. You can mute them then notify them via chat.

Anyone in the meeting can speak and use the live chat feature while viewing everything the presenter shares. The chat feature is on the next tab and comes with emoji capabilities, which means you can use chat features like emojis to participate in the conversation.

AnyMeeting Video online conferencing

On the last tab, you’ll find a rich text-enabled notes screen. While most competitors offer easy meeting notes features, the features don’t have rich-text capability.

The features included in one complete webinar solution include custom invitations, landing pages, and email reminders. At the top of the screen, there’s an option to video record the meeting.

There is no cap on the length or quality of recordings you can produce as long as you have the Pro or Enterprise packages. This generous allowance is not available with other services.

During a live webinar session, you can use slides or screen sharing with up to 12 HD video presenters and up to 1,000 attendees. Engage your audience’s reactions to the content by launching quick polls in real-time.

After a meeting, generate detailed reports and follow up with emails to push attendees down the purchasing funnel.


AnyMeeting is a videoconferencing service and powerful meeting solution built for businesses of all sizes. It transforms communications with a smart, fast and engaging meeting experience. 

This platform may not have everything a large-sized enterprise customer might need because of the maximum number of meeting attendees. However, it’s perfect for anyone doing web conferencing on a tight budget.

The software allows the presenters to share screens, PowerPoint presentations, take public notes, or take live poles. With a good price in an excellent feature set, AnyMeting has an excellent reputation among its users. 


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